Baby Shower, Homemade Lattes, and Naptime Express

Mar 4, 2015

I'll start with Naptime Express. That's what I call the rides we take right around one o'clock to get Noah still enough to sleep. It works every time. This morning we tried out a home preschool group a friend teaches at her house. We then ate lunch and I drove around a bit longer than normal so Noah would go to sleep. Lots of "Noah, lay your head back and close your eyes" and "Yes, baby, we're on the way home. Now close your eyes". He was so tired but just had to know what was going on. He gets that from me.

All of that to say...a miracle has occurred and as I write this both, yes I mean both, boys are upstairs sleeping. Ah, sweet silence. I'm multi-tasking. I'm blogging and catching up on Walking Dead. Oh, and trying not to dig in the pantry for baking chips. 

This past weekend we went to Virginia for my sister's baby shower. It was so fun working on it with my mom and we had the help of a couple of friends to really pull off a wonderful morning. She's having a girl and I can't wait to meet my niece. It's weird that I've been a mom for a couple years, but never an aunt. It's so special!

My mom was Pinterest-extraordinaire and pulled off a delicious brunch. Meg got tons of amazing stuff for Eleanor and we all enjoyed seeing old friends.

 Once we got back home I was determined to hop back on the better lifestyle train. I have 20 pounds to lose before I'm back to my pre-Abe weight and so far my sugar addiction has been a major roadblock. I was seriously craving an iced Chai tea latte and decided to make my own with honey.

2 Tazo Chai Tea bags
1 C water
3/4 C whole milk or whipping cream (raw would even be better!)

Boil 2 tea bags in 1 C of water. Add milk & honey (I added about 2 tbs honey, only because I wanted it sweeter). Bring to a simmer, pour in your favorite cup, and either drink hot, add ice to drink chilled right away, or let chill in the fridge overnight for a nice morning treat. 

I enjoyed it chilled last night and decided that I would make it in bulk and enjoy it on the way out the door in the mornings!

And there's my cue. A sweet and sleepy "Mama!" from upstairs.