Sleep, wellness, and changes

Jun 19, 2015

Making changes isn't easy. But it's also hard not really feeling good about yourself and wishing you felt better physically every day. Which one wins out in the end is up to me. Patience to change is hard. I'm a do-it-now and quick-results kind of girl, so implementing small changes over a long period of time is almost like torture at times. 

The changes I need to make regarding physical wellness have been more evident these past few weeks. What started as an opportunity to review a Jawbone UPMOVE has turned into a jumpstart to getting back on a path of wellness. This week, it has helped me see how little sleep I'm getting. I enjoy checking in on my stats in the morning to see how the night went. The average amount of sleep for the last two weeks has been 5 hours. 5 hours! Many nights it's been less time and I'm feeling it! 

Now let's face it, I'm a mom of a toddler and infant. Sleep is finicky around here. While I can't help what happens between bedtime and the morning, there are a few variables I can control. 

1. Start my routine early.
A lot of times I skip my bedtime routine and get straight under the sheets. Taking time to wind down and take care of my skin in the process would contribute to wellness. 

2. Getting to bed at a reasonable time
Hard to do some nights, but most nights I choose chores over getting into bed earlier. My goal now is to try to get in bed by ten. 

3. Putting down the electronics.
There is study after study talking about the negative health impacts going to sleep browsing your phone. I'm so guilty! I end up staying up way later than I actually get into bed. My goal now is to limit my time on my phone and leave it on the nightstand instead of on the bed/under my pillow. 

4. Take a magnesium supplement
Magnesium is vital to the functions of the body, one of those being sleep! 

My type-A personality needs somewhere to log all of that, and my Upmove is the perfect place. One of my favorite features of the racker allows me to keep track of sleeping and waking times, as well as light and heavy sleeping through the night. Also, the Smart Coach feature gives me suggestions, like what time to go to bed to meet my goals or how many hours I would need to sleep to beat my time from the previous day. 

I used to be able to sleep on mere hours a day, but lately I've suffered at the hand of sleep depravity and I'm going to do what I can to change that. Habits can be changed and change starts with awareness. I think the hardest part will be putting my phone down instead of browsing late into the night. I'm motivated to move towards physical wellness and I'm glad I've got the resources to help me with that. 

In what ways could you improve your sleep habits? What resources do you use to help keep track of your goals and accomplishments?

This blog post was sponsored by Jawbone, but all experiences were genuine. 


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