Back On Track

Jun 11, 2015

Sometimes, I'm a slacker. I'll admit it. I'm not a natural-born exerciser. I love baked goods too darn much. And as a mom of a toddler and an infant, I don't even set an alarm. They are my alarm and it usually sounds like, "Maaaaa-maaaaa" from down the hall. If I'm being totally honest, I haven't had a good workout in a year and a half.  I gained 40 pounds during my pregnancy with Abe and the last 25 have been hanging around like my bff

And you know, it's not even really the number on the scale that I worry too much about. It's more about how I feel. And I feel tired and sluggish and bloated and frustrated that nothing fits, and that fans the flame of feelings about myself that aren't so positive. 

I got to thinking about what it is that I'd really like to change. And I decided...I'd like to be stronger. I'd like to be healthier. I'd like my clothes to fit well. I'd like to make wiser food choices. I'd like to be on the move more. I'd like to get more sleep. I'd like to have better habits.  And I realized all those things can be done with some effort and a little help. 

When Jawbone contacted me to review their newest fitness tracker, the Up Move, I realized this was a perfect opportunity to make some changes. To be honest, I'd never heard of it before and was amazed when I researched it further. I was even more impressed when it came in the mail. 

The Up Move tracks steps taken, logs hours of sleep (deep and light), allows you to set specific goals, and includes a meal tracker. My favorite part is Smart Coach, a feature that keeps track of all of your data and makes logical suggestions on the app and via email for ways to improve on reaching your goals. For a mom of two small little guys who barely has time to shower in the morning, it's a bonus to have something tailored to my busy day. 

 The strap is super light and comfortable. The tracker itself is the small, battery-operated inner circle and can be taken out and put into a cute little waist clip for less obvious tracking. I immediately downloaded the app and learned how to set the tracker mode. It was super simple and uses a circular dashed-lighting to let me know where I'm at.

10,000 steps a day was my goal for walking. I didn't think it sounded like a lot. Um, a super long and challenging mommy day didn't come close to meeting that goal! It helped me come back to reality on my level of movement during the day. Because of that info I'm able to check progress throughout the day. I find it fun to try to "beat" my goal and look for creative ways to get moving - taking a stroll at the park with the stroller, walking around the mall, parking farther away. 

Sleep is another issue around here. By the end of the day I'm exhausted but have had hardly any time to myself to read, catch up on a show, or even just finish up a chore. I end up staying up way too late, but had myself convinced that I was getting enough sleep! I wore the wristband to bed and the first night I was shocked to learn that I only got 4 hours and 53 minutes of sleep. I opened up my app the next morning and not only did I not get enough sleep, my deep sleep was minimal. Being aware of this has me attempting earlier bed times and putting my phone away instead of staying up browsing. 

And food. It's a love-hate relationship. I love all the things that are bad for me and don't crave the things I know are good. When I've had success in the past it's been with keeping track of what I've eaten and being organized. I love that the UP app includes a food tracker and that everything I need is all in one app. 
At the end of the day, for me to create change, I've got to do it big. My body and mind need a shock to wake up and get my stuff together. Because of that I've got a little plan to get back on track and improve my health and wellness.

1. Boot Camp
Here's the kicker. It starts at 6:30am and happens 3x a week. I'm crazy, I know, but it's what works for me at this stage of motherhood. Michael agreed to leave a little later for work and stay with the boys until I get back. This morning he even had breakfast ready for me before he left for work. What a keeper.

2. Organization & Tracking 
This type-A, list-maker mama is loving using my Jawbone Up Move to track food, sleep, steps, and activity. Being aware is the first step to making change and I'm hoping that by being more in tune to what goes on with my body that I'll be more likely to make better choices.

I'm excited and would love to chronicle my journey back to a healthier me. This week I'll be tracking steps, sleep, and meals, and working on finding several ways to be active. Check back next Thursday to see how I'm doing! 

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  1. This is great! I want one. I'm naturally thin so it's hard for me to be motivated to exercise, but I want to be healthy more than anything!