These days...

May 21, 2015

Oh this page. I miss it. I miss writing. I miss reading. I miss enjoying this community here. Lately I've been needing to choose different priorities when I happen upon some free time. Last week a little miracle happened and both boys slept, at the same time, for about an hour, and I was able to write some. 

It's life with small children. I find myself looking forward to the days when Abe is big enough to play with Noah and they can manage a bit more without my entertainment every minute. In the same breath my heart shudders because I know they're getting big, and fast. That's why, most days, I choose to be present over distracted. Or, at the very least, I choose to play or do chores when I could be writing. 

That may sound self-righteous. I don't mean it to be. The truth is, I don't quite have a grasp on my priorities and responsibilities around the house. There are times I have free to sit at the computer, but the laundry calls my name and the dirty floor, too. Slowly but surely, and because of grace, I'm figuring out a little routine on keeping our clothes washed, bellies fed, and home clean. Along with that, I'm seeing a glimmer of hope for this blog. 

Getting my creative juices flowing again would feel fabulous. We have a fun summer ahead of us and I hope to get to share that, and more, on this space. 

If you're a blogger, how do you stay inspired for your blog? How do you come up with original content? If you're a mommy blogger, what's your routine for investing in your blog and making sure your other responsibilities are taken care of, too?


  1. <3 I miss you in the blogging world too!!!! I'm still trying to figure out how to mesh blogging and mommying so I don't have too many words of wisdom for you but I just want to say that you rock!

  2. Well, I'm so glad that blogging was not even around when I was a young Mom because I'm sure it would have been a huge distraction for me. It appears to me that you have a good handle on what is really important at this time in your life and still have some time for blogging. I always enjoy reading young Mother's blogs and hearing about their lives.

    Sometimes inspiration for a blog post is difficult if there's nothing exciting going on in my life. But, thankfully that is rare.

    Blessings to you!