an actual outfit.

Apr 13, 2015

I say actual because these days I don't have a lot that fits or is season (read: hottest weather ever) appropriate. Most of what I wear I wouldn't consider a put-together outfit, but more of an "eh, this works" kind of thing. This past week the boys and I were in Virginia with family while Michael was in Houston for work. My kind mother-in-law offered to watch the boys one morning while I went shopping for that in-betweeen-post-baby wardrobe. One of my favorite parts? Remembering how fast I can run into a store and get back in the car when it's just me. One of my least favorite parts? The clothes. I'm not great at putting outfits together and I don't like shopping alone. While the trip was only semi-successful, I did manage to walk away with a few items I like. 

While visiting family, I was able to go to our cousin Allison's baby shower and finally felt like I had something to wear! I also raided my stylish mom's closet all week. I'm seriously sad that we don't live closer...mostly for her presence, but a bit for her closet, too! 

Top | LOFT
Pants | AE Super Soft Stretch Leggings
Necklace | Stella & Dot Rebel Pendant (thanks, mom!)
Watch | Fossil
Photos courtesy of | my handsome hubs 

It's a simple outfit, but I felt good. Maybe because it was new? The top from Loft is super soft and was on sale for 50% off. I love my Fossil watch. I got it at the Fossil outlet for an amazing price and it's pretty much a staple item for anything I wear, as it goes with more casual outfits but is dressy enough to wear with almost anything. My Lily Jade bag was the perfect addition and super functional. I only had Abe with me at the shower so half the amount of diapers and other items I normally would bring. I left the Mommy Bag at home and used it more as a purse than a diaper bag. 

What's a favorite item you've been wearing lately?


  1. I think you look fabulous!!! I love the look you put together and that bag is WONDERFUL.

    I feel the same about my mom's closet. Whenever I'm at her house I get to steal her scarves, shoes, and's glorious and I always miss it once I am back home :p

  2. I love this outfit and think you look great! I'm loving on that bag :)
    Favorite item I've been wearing lately... (besides yoga pants... gosh I'm lazy) my chambray shirt with everything!