Lily Jade

Feb 18, 2015

As moms to little ones, one of the most important things is having something to contain all of the things you need to bring with you when you're out and about. When Noah was younger I could get away with a smaller bag, but it was still usually filled to the top with ALL THE THINGS and I usually had to leave something behind. I also had a hard time finding something that didn't scream "I'm a diaper bag and I'm filled with an entire kit of baby poo hazmat!". The ultimate bag? Something big enough for ALL THE THINGS times TWO....and something that could double as a purse for those nights when this mama gets to go walk around Target sans baby. Okay, and for other fun alone time, too, but let's be honest - mostly for solo shopping trips.

When I came across Lily Jade on Instagram I knew I had found the bag...

Lily Jade was sweet enough to send me Elizabeth in Camel and I fell in love. It's real leather, looks like a purse, is big enough to be a carry-on, and comes with an amazing insert they call the baby bag. The baby bag snaps in place inside and has tons of pockets, heaven for an organizational lover like me. It snaps in for baby mode and snaps out for me time. I love the pop of red both inside the diaper bag itself and the baby bag.

Now onto what this beauty holds and a peek at what's in my bag when it's in baby mode....
 My arsenal includes...

- My wallet
- 2-3 Cloth Diapers
- One medium wet bag
- Travel Case of Wipes
- Diaper changing pad (included!)
- Cash System Envelope Holder
- Small wet bag with change of clothes for Abe
- Dr. Bronner's Hand Sanitizing Spray
- Two moleskin notebooks
- Travel phone charger
- My current read, "Jesus the Gentle Parent"
- two Eos chapsticks
- KidSafe essential oils for car diffusing and roll-on Calming the Child
- Travel EO case
- Two pacifiers
- A pen or two
- Two snack bags
- iPhone

I don't think I had any idea of how many individual items were in my bag! There are two front pockets with magnetic snap closures, two pockets on either end, and deeper pockets on both sides, great for the quick grab! The other thing I love about the bag is that you can wear it several different ways...

My bag has already come in handy all around town. We love our local children's museum and this bag makes it so easy to wear Abe in my sling, carry the bag on my shoulders backpack style, and chase my energetic two year old. It switches modes effortlessly and saves me so much time.  I'm excited to pair it with some Spring outfits and I love that the Camel color goes well with every season. If you can't already tell, I love it!

You can find Lily Jade' site here, as well as on Instagram, Facebook, & Pinterest. Head to their Instagram page to enter a giveaway for their new navy bag!


  1. It's such a great bag, and you wear it well fashionable Mama!!

  2. I have this bag too and adore it! So functional AND pretty!

  3. This IS my favorite Lily Jade bag :)