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Jan 27, 2015

Right now it's evening and the first time I've sat down without one or both of my boys on me or touching me. I love them so much, but wow, this is nice. We have nothing sweet in this house and after a long day, I was desperate. I pulled a jar of peanut butter out of the back of the pantry and grabbed the jar of pretzel rods and settled for the salty-sweet combo while watching my woman-crush on Fixer Upper.

I'll admit- today was a rough one. Michael is out of town for work tonight and even though he normally would be gone during the day anyways, knowing he won't be home later in the evening just sets a bad tone for my day. I really shouldn't let it. I just love that guy so much and he is what we look forward to all day. I don't think he believes me when I tell him I miss him 10 minutes after he walks out the door, but I do. 

I was impatient today, mostly with Noah. He gets so wound up on these cold days and I need to do a better job at doing something everyday that helps him get some energy out. Tonight as I was putting him to bed, I apologized. I said, "Noah, mommy is sorry that I lost my temper with you today, will you forgive me?". He said, "Mama lose temper?". "Yeah, baby. Mommy was selfish. Will you forgive me?". "Yeah, mama". And he rolled over onto his belly, put one arm around my neck, and ran his fingers through my hair. I can't even describe the joy it is to be his mama. He's a good reminder right now that mercies are new every day. 

I haven't talked much about what's been going on around here lately, but we're keeping pretty busy. We've slowly but surely picked back up on the remodeling. The stairs are our current project and they're almost finished! They've gone from being covered in 25 year old carpet to brand new and beautifully stained steps and new handrail and balusters. They're so pretty I kind of don't want to walk on them! Up next is Abe's room, although I am being so tempted to redo our kitchen next. If we do the kitchen next we'd have to break our goal of doing this whole thing debt-free, and I think Dave Ramsey yelling at me in my head is enough for me to avoid that. I'll wait on my planned kitchen for awhile, I guess! 

Noah is two and this is such a fun age. Challenging, but fun. He can communicate with me so well now and I can see some of the fruits of my labor paying off. He's so independent so I try to really respect that while setting limits. Abe is growing like crazy. He loves making sounds and has the cutest little dimples ever. I love being their mom. And I'm not saying that only on peaceful days. I say that from the middle of two boys crying, five loads of clean but unfolded laundry, and no possible way for a shower. It is beautiful and worthy and amazing.

We have been busy during the week. We're usually out of the house by 9:30 and are back around one, just in time for naps. Today we ran through Chickfila's drive through and by the time we pulled in the driveway Noah was asleep holding a chicken nugget in each hand. I'm kind of starting to figure out Abe's napping routine and am trying to slowly help him adjust to what we're doing. I wear him when we go out so he usually naps in the ring sling, too. We try to mix up our week activities. We'll do runs to town, play dates with friends, trips to the kids museum, open gym at the local gymnastics center, bible study, and the occasional lunch date with Michael downtown. 

I feel like I've done a much better job at getting out of my comfort zone and making friends than I did when we lived in Dickson. There have been so many great people I've met here who have really made this move as good as it has been. I prayed exactly for that and I am so thankful for answered prayer. As much as I hate Facebook sometimes, read hate my addiction, it has been what has helped plug me into this town. I felt like I was back in the dating realm at first. Meeting new mommy friends can be intimidating! Everyone has been so great and there's a sweet sense of support and community that I appreciate. 

Along with my New Years goals, I do have some health goals as well. We have a fun summer vacation planned to St. John and I'd like to get back to pre-baby weight by that time. Michael just got a new mountain bike and rides at a nearby nature park. It has walking paths everywhere and I look forward to taking the boys there and working towards getting fit while Michael rides. It's hard when it's cold, so in the meantime I plan to take advantage of having a fun yoga studio shout five minutes away. I really got into Yoga right before I got pregnant and I'm excited about getting back into it. 

If you've kept up with me at all on Instagram, you'll notice that I'm seriously in love with my Lily Jade bag. It's beautiful and I can't wait to review it for you all! Also, and this is equally as exciting...my sister and I are going to MommyCon Atlanta in March! I have been wanting to go for the last few years and am happy that I'm within three hours driving distance. I also was chosen to be a part of the MommyCon blogger team! I can't wait to talk more about it and even give you a coupon code for a MommyCon near you. And one last blog related thing- Abe's birth story is just awaiting some pictures and it will be done. I'm excited to share such a precious moment from our lives with our family and friends. 

Of course, all of that can't be done on my broken laptop. I'm writing this from an iPad, something that's not easy to do!  It finally bit the dust last week and I'm impatiently waiting on my new computer to get here. I choose a desktop over a laptop because I want my time at the computer to be more intentional. I think it will help to have it in a designated "office" area so my computer time doesn't mesh into my time with Michael or the boys. I'll also be able to focus a bit more on blogging, researching, or planning instead of trying to do multiple things at once. 

So there's a bit of our life at the moment. It may not sound all that attractive, but it's wonderful to me. Now I'm going to go put these pretzels and peanut butter up and try to sneak upstairs for a shower while both boys are sleeping! 


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