a year end's tribute and looking forward

Jan 7, 2015

Because the new year and my birthday are only 6 days apart, I suppose you could say I get extra sentimental when I think back over the previous year. If you've kept up with my blog at all, you've probably seen all the changes that have come with 2014...

We thought we might move, then found out we weren't moving after all. We found out we were expecting baby #2 and later in the year we found out Noah was getting a brother! We made some good friends. We made some fun trips back to Virginia to see family.  We found out we were, in fact, moving to Chattanooga and much faster than we had anticipated.  We sold our Dickson house in two days and moved less than 30 days later! We found a fixer-upper in Chattanooga that already had an offer in, we were bummed, then the offer fell through in time for us to offer, buy, and move in right before Michael needed to be at work.We started the remodel process! We traveled with Michael for work. We made new friends and connections in our new town. We had a home birth and welcomed our baby "Abey". We celebrated Noah's second birthday! 

I thrive on change so years like this really work well for me. There is an adjustment period for sure, but I don't mind it and find that God has used years like this in my life to show me a whole lot about myself. He has brought people into my life at just the right time. He has sovereignly overseen our details and used them, good or bad, to grow and challenge me in this year. I feel like I've gone from wanting to rush from one thing to the next to slowing down and cherishing the moments I'm in. Parenthood has a way of doing that to you, I think! 

Last year's New Year post was full of ambition....and tons of blogging intentions that I never carried out. This year I'm focusing more on relational goals rather than strict, measurable ones, if that makes sense. I do have some measurable ones (ahem, pounds on the scale), but I'll just keep those to myself! The goals I am hoping to work toward sound something like this...

Dive into the scripture. I feel like I've spent the last couple of years working through my faith on an emotional level and that has meant leaving much behind that was automatic more than sincere. This year I'd like to be more intentional about re-learning the Word from a truthful perspective. How? I've really come to love the She Reads Truth app. The devotionals are really good and I love that it's available anytime, anywhere. I can see God's hand in my life and I want 2015 to be about getting involved in what He's doing around me.

Teach my boys. Now that Noah is a bit older, I want to slowly start incorporating more learning experiences at home and in public. At home I plan to make time in the morning to work on things like learning the alphabet and numbers, music time with his little instruments, getting creative and messy with art, and reading more books. I'd also love to find one class that Noah can be a part of, like Kindermusik or Moms Day Out.

Invest more in relationships. I want to be more intentional about letting the people in my life know that I care about them in tangible, practical  ways. That looks like smaller things like thank you notes, messages of encouragement, remembering birthdays, etc. But that also looks like bigger things like time and money spent, being selfless with my resources, and going out of my way to show love. 

Get rid of excess. I do a pretty good job of keeping the clutter away, but sometimes things get cluttered, receipts pile up, that kind of thing. Each month I'm going to choose a few categories to organize and minimize, things like our file box, the hall closet, the garage, our wardrobe, etc. I get overwhelmed when I can't do it all at once, but I think knowing there's a plan will help me focus better on one thing at a time. This goal also includes making sure the things that I buy will be used or have a purpose. I'm notorious for perusing the dollar section at Target and coming away with cute, but cheap, crap that doesn't really have a place in our house. I will also occasionally buy a piece of clothing just because it is cheap, not because I really love it. That means it doesn't usually last long and I don't wear it a lot. I want to have fewer, quality items that I can mix and match. 

Otherwise, I want to keep our life pretty simple. I want to savor time with my guys. I want us to try new things as a family and a couple. I want more community with those in my life, to do life together, even when it gets messy. This year, 2015 and my 26th, holds wonderful possibilities!


  1. It looks like this was an amazing year for you and your family! I love the family photos!

  2. cute photos and excited to keep up with your blog through 2015! what a year 2014 was for you!