not all bad

Jun 24, 2014

I often talk about how overwhelmed I can get by the online world. But just as often as I feel overwhelmed, I find myself inspired, excited, and educated by what I come across. So instead of bashing the internet, today I'll share the things that have made me smile lately on the world wide web.

    > Isn't that table setting gorgeous? I love how this artist got creative with her menu and decorations for her dinner party. At this point, I can only dream. But some day!

    > Not Afraid of Gray spoke to where I've been and where I find myself spiritually lately. Addie Zierman puts my heart into beautiful words, and her guest poster does the same in this post.

    > Maternity clothes are limited and somewhat boring (what's with putting pregnant women in stripes all the time?!). I ran across Pink Blush and sighed a huge "thank you" to whoever created these fun, bright, belly-wonderful clothes. 

    > I applaud this mama for her post about the modesty police.

    > Shopping with my Baby Mama Style Pinterest board in hand has been helpful!

    > In honor of the World Cup, an artist paints portraits of soccer superstars with only her feet and a soccer ball. Go USA! 

    > Make this. Drink it. You're welcome. 

    > We recently watched this documentary on Netflix and now I'm convinced that M and I need to spend 6 months after the kids are grown hiking the John Muir trail. 

    > We love to let Noah do things for himself, even if it gets a little messy! Independence is good!

    Happy Tuesday!

    let loose

    Jun 9, 2014

    Noah has been a trooper the past month through this transient stage of relocation. We don't give him too many restrictions as long as we feel he is safe. He usually has room to roam, explore, get messy, and have fun. We tried to make sure that even during this move, he didn't feel restricted, frustrated, or confined. 

    During our week at the hotel, we made sure we did some fun things for him. We visited the pool at least once a day, and thank God for wonderful grandparents (M's parents) who spent the weekend with us and helped with that! We visited the splash pad, walked all around town, and tried to make sure we had a consistent nap time for him (the KEY to a good day, in my opinion!).

    Since moving into the house, we've had a little less of that fun stuff. We  met M for lunch one day downtown hear his office, visited a new park, and lounged at the neighborhood pool. Most days, though? It's mostly been unpacking and making a million trips to Lowe's. I knew he was feeling it and I felt bad as his mommy that we hadn't gone out and let loose. I've also wanted to start getting him involved in creative things, like drawing, messy paints, different textures, etc. 

    I went out to Target and got him a big drawing pad and some "super-washable" markers and let him go to town. Not super messy, but at least something active and colorful! He did great at mostly keeping on the paper instead of the floor. Once he got a few marks on his skin, he decided to go to town and color his legs and hands. 
     This was his first little drawing and I'd love to frame it and hang it in his new room. Next up? I plan to make these fun and safe finger paints and let him go to town!

    Now that we're settled in, I plan to make more of our days. We just got a membership to our neighborhood pool, I'm looking into swim lessons for Noah, prenatal yoga classes for myself, and possibly putting myself out there for local mommy group play dates (totally takes work on my part!). So even though it's a Monday, this week looks good! 

    How's your Monday going? 

    goodbye & hello

    Jun 6, 2014

    Two and a half weeks ago we said goodbye to our little house in Dickson, Tennessee. That morning, Noah and I went for a little walk around the yard. For him, it was getting to go "out-tide". For me, it was a small chance for closure - to walk around our house, give a silent thankful prayer to God for all that He has shown me and the ways that he has grown me while we lived there. I held back tears off and on the last two days as the movers packed and loaded and it wasn't easy when we made our final pull out of the driveway.

    Before we left, the new owners stopped by to do some measuring for their new furniture. I had to walk into our empty garage and gain some composure before they walked our way to meet. They're a young family who just had their first baby boy. The family we bought the house from brought their first baby boy home to that house, and we did the same. They'll get to see their baby boy grow, explore, change, blossom- just like we did. And oddly enough, that made me feel better.

    So what have we been up to since then? 

    +We lived in a hotel for a week and frequented the pool and fun restaurants here in Chattanooga. 

    +We've explored tons of fun things to do and I can't wait to write about them!

    +We closed on our house a week and a half ago and moved in the next day. 

    +We're unpacked for the most part and finally eating home-cooked meals again! 

    +We paid off our last student loan and are now debt-free (go Dave Ramsey!) except our mortgage!

    + I'm 19 weeks as of yesterday and we find out the gender of baby this coming Tuesday! 

    We've had a crazy month and I'm thankful that we're able to get back into some sort of routine. This little blog hasn't had much attention the last few months, but with a new town to explore, a baby on the way, and starting the adventure of remodeling our house a room at a time, I'm excited to document it all! 

    Happy Weekend!