Five on Friday

Feb 28, 2014

one | My baby got his hair cut for the first time! It was so exciting! He woke up Wednesday morning with what looked like dreads forming on the back of his head. His mullet has slowly been getting longer and longer and I knew it was time. I took him to the girl who cuts my hair and she did a great job! Noah sat still on the chair for her, played with my phone most of the time, and only got distracted a few times. She asked if I wanted to save some of his hair, and we tried, but it's so thin that it was hard to get a good little collection. And let's just get real, alright? I'd have shoved the hair in a plastic baggie and probably not run across it again until the day he moves out. I've heard mamas talk about how emotional it was for them to see their baby's hair cut off, but it was so fun and I really wasn't emotional about it. He looks so handsome and now his crazy hair might be a little bit more manageable!

. two | I love this little video of my dad with Noah. Noah just recently learned how to stomp his feet and started doing it when my dad strummed the guitar strings. He is such a musical little booger. I cannot wait to see how that comes out as he gets older! 

three | Noah's first birthday was three months ago and I'm just now getting around to sharing about it! We did an all-American vintage boy theme and I think it turned out well. It was a cold day so we took the party indoors to my dad's garage. With all of his old tools and signs, it kind of helped add to the theme! We did simple, classic foods like BBQ in a crockpot, mac & cheese, and gluten-free applesauce cake and chocolate chip cookies. Noah's cake was gluten-free as well, but as you can see I kind of failed at making a healthy icing. I had my mom whip up some of her delicious butter cream icing and we sparingly spread it around his mini cake. It looked awful but I think it tasted really great! By the end of the party Noah was running around in his white collared shirt and his diaper and needed a good nap. I'd say it was a success! A huge thanks to my mom who took pictures while I was busy feeding my hungry boy!

four | Sometimes I wish my sister lived closer so I could raid her closet. Don't get me wrong, I wish she lived closer for other, more important reasons. But I miss having fun alternatives that I don't have to pay for! She always has the cutest tops and dresses and, unlike when we were little, now lets me borrow them freely. I took for granted being able to walk right down the hall and into another closet full of different options when I lived at home!

five | Yesterday, my friend Kirstin and I issued an invitation to the blogging world! We're hosting a fun new link-up called Total Truth Thursdays! Ever wanted a safe place to be completely honest about your opinions? That's what we're hoping to create with this! With a prompt for every Thursday, we can all throw in our two cents on a particular subject and be challenged, stretched, and even encouraged by each other. Go HERE to read all about it. We hope you'll consider joining us next week! 

Today,  I'm linking up with the Five on Friday gals - Natasha, Darci, April, and Christina!

Total Truth Thursdays | You're Invited!

Feb 27, 2014

Last week, I wrote this post talking about the fears that hold me back from sharing what I really think and believe here on the blog. I got so much feedback from all of you! I received a lot of encouragement to be myself and write what was on my heart, even if it wasn't popular or might offend someone who thinks and chooses differently. What hit me the most, though, is how many of you felt the same way- unsure whether being honest about how you felt was really worth it in a society in which tolerance is preached, but hardly practiced.

After having talked about similar feelings, my friend Kirstin, from These Moments Called Life, and I found ourselves wishing there were a kinder, safer place to share how we feel and the beliefs and opinions we hold. And you know what? We decided to make one! Kirstin and I have teamed up to create Total Truth Thursdays!
Total Truth Thursdays will be a weekly-link up in which we will post a topic and write the total truth of how we feel! We're encouraging you to do the same - write your total truth and link up with us! Don't hold back out of fear of judgement. Share your heart, be brave, and link up with us so we can all enjoy a fresh dose of honesty and learn something in the process!
For the next couple of months, we'll have a topic for every Total Truth Thursday. Here are the dates and topics:

Thursday, March 6th : Marriage
Thursday, March 13th :  Fashion
Thursday, March 20th : Social Media
Thursday, March 27th: Free Vent! (you choose!)
Thursday, April 3rd : Modesty
Thursday, April 10th : Parenting/Kids
Thursday, April 17th : All Things Domestic
Thursday, April 24th : Free Vent! (you choose!)
Thursday, May 1st: Expectations
Thursday, May 8th: Money
We'll give you a chance to link up on either of our blogs so you can have your total truths seen and find other total truth posts, too. These topics are pretty broad, so if you don't feel like writing about any one of them, get honest about something else!

Our goal for this link-up is to create a community of openness and kindness, where bloggers feel heard, respected, and free to share their thoughts and opinions. We want to learn from the perspective and experiences of others. We do ask that you please use your manners. This is in no way a free ticket to spew hate. As women, let's empower each other to share our hearts, be respectful of the opinions of others, and try to learn a few things from each other. You may not agree with all the opinions shared and you're absolutely allowed to disagree, ask questions, and make comments. All we ask is that it is done in a kind manner. 

As you can see, our first link-up is next Thursday, the 6th! It's so close! Please plan on joining us!
 We'll be using the hashtag #totaltruththursdays to share posts on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram and hope you'll do the same! We also have a fun button to share in your post!  We'd love if you'd spread the word, invite others to link-up, and join us next Thursday. Hope to see you there!

fire, sticks, & a favorite coffee house

Feb 25, 2014

This past weekend we took advantage of the warmer temperatures and got some much-needed vitamin D. Michael has been clearing the woods next to our house and cleaning up brush from a bad storm we had a few months ago, and Noah and I gave him some company and a little help. Noah loved being outside. "Out-tide" is one of the few words he can say pretty clearly. His eyes light up when he hears the word and he even knows the sign for it without us saying the word aloud. 

It is so fun to see the full boy come out in Noah. He's constantly exploring, digging his fingers into the dirt, treading twigs and logs to get where he's going, and making piles of sticks and crunchy leaves. It feels good to back off and let him enjoy the outdoors, getting as messy as he wants. I'm proud of the dad Noah has - one who will eventually teach him all the skills he needs to know. They'll be splitting logs, engineering ways to cut down trees, identifying snakes, and all that other good stuff men do in the woods.

I see a different side of my husband when he's outdoors- a happier version. He's in his element and I love it. Of course, what wife doesn't love watching her husband attack logs with a heavy ax? But I'll keep the rest of my thoughts to myself. It's been fun to dream with him lately about our future homestead, partly because I know he's so good at all of that stuff - the building, digging, fires, and all of that. The animal stuff we'll have to figure out together!

On Monday morning we had an appointment for our vehicle in Nashville and decided to make a day of it. We enjoyed breakfast and coffee at Fido, one of our favorite places in Hillsboro Village. Their breakfast options are amazing and I loved their gluten-free chocolate chip pancakes! Noah is getting better at feeding himself with our "grown-up" utensils, but still manages to fling some of his food onto the floor.

Weekends with my little family are the times I look forward to the most. Actually, anytime we're all together works for me, even if we stay inside and do nothing. I've been able to sit back lately, push all the darkness away, and see the joy of everyday. And it feels really good.


Feb 22, 2014

8/52: Evening in the woods by a fire while Daddy chops wood.
M got home sort of early on Friday evening, leaving us plenty of light outside to work in the woods. Well, he worked and Noah and I cuddled by a small little fire and watched him chop wood. Noah was fascinated with picking up sticks and either chewing on them or throwing them in the fire. He's an outdoors boy for sure. M even made Noah pose with the ax so he could do some future dreaming about when he's got a helper with the outdoor chores! For now, though, Noah contributes by keeping the fire going, little twig by little twig.

five on friday

Feb 21, 2014

one | Yesterday was my beautiful sister's birthday. You guys would love her if you met her. She's so funny, says what's on her mind, and is just a wonderful woman inside and out. Her husband just recently got back from over a year-long overseas contract and it was so nice to see them last weekend, finally together again. They've been through two military deployments together and then this past year apart even after he got out of the marines. I am so happy that he's back and I'm excited to see where life takes them!
two | Have you been enjoying the Olympics as much as we have? It's on almost every night and I think I've narrowed my favorite sports to watch down to ice skating (both individuals and couples) and skiing. Speaking of skiing, did anyone see that ridiculous interview with Bode Miller last week where the crazy reporter made him cry? She wouldn't stop asking him personal and emotional questions about his brother and even after he needed to end the interview, the camera was right in his face. I wanted to scream, "Leave the man alone"! It was supposed to be a sports interview, not a therapy session. NBC has kind of had annoying coverage of the Olympics- random, back and forth shots and too much screen time for silly anchors.
photo via
three | I've been working with an herbalist-in-training who is studying under the amazing Aviva Romm. She's been helping me find solutions for depression, anxiety, hormone regulation, and lifestyle changes and it's been a wonderful experience. I've been taking three to four different herbs for the past month and a half and I finally feel normal for the first time in a long time. I am so encouraged by the success of these herbs and am so thankful for the opportunity to benefit from her knowledge.
photo via
four | I haven't written about M's job in awhile, mostly because I don't really have anything new to report. It's been a ridiculous process, we thought we were moving, found out we weren't, and are now facing some possible uncertainties. The changes first began being talked about in August of 2013, so for the past six months our life has been in limbo. Supposedly, we find out solid information in about two or three weeks. We have no clue what's going to happen- we could stay put, we could be looking for another job, we could be moving. I can't begin to tell you the amount of peace I have, no matter what happens. It's nothing I mustered up with positive thinking- I know this is from the Lord. I truly know that whatever happens, He is still God and we will be fine.
five | Last weekend we met my parents, my sister and brother-in-law, and my aunt and uncle for a cabin getaway in the mountains. I really enjoyed the late evening chats, exploring town, and the cozy fire. We found a Mellow Mushroom and we had the most heavenly gluten-free pizza. We ordered a White Pizza & a Regular Pepperoni and both were so good! I could probably eat that pizza every night for dinner.

 There's my random round up! What have you been up to lately?

Today,  I'm linking up with the Five on Friday gals - Natasha, Darci, April, and Christina!

MADE SERIES 04 // little tree vintage

Feb 19, 2014

 I'm excited to introduce you to today's Made Series creative. I've loved her blog for so long and am constantly inspired to think outside of my little fashion box when I read her posts! I love the touches of vintage in her home and the healthy recipes she shares, too. Introducing....
Maria is a vintage shop owner and a fashion blogger. She is a Child Life Specialist by trade, but also has a degree in Fashion Merchandising. She loves fashion and anything creative, unique and adventurous. Her Etsy shop, Little Tree Vintage, carries previously loved vintage fashion.
Here's the result of our fun Q&A:
When did you start your business/open up shop? 
My blog started 3 years ago, and my shop started around the same time.
What is the story behind your business/shop name?
 I have always been known as the "little tiny girl" so I knew I wanted the word little in my business name. I also have always loved vintage, so little tree vintage was born. I really love nature as well, so I guess it works!
Who has been your biggest encourager/motivator?
My parents have been a huge support throughout my creative experiences. My dad is a small business owner as well, and he always supports my choices and pushes me to do more. I look to them for inspiration and motivation!

What inspires your creativity?
I love reading other blogs, and seeing different styles and looks on the web. I also love browsing through magazines, even sometimes walking around NYC and seeing things that creatively charge me. 

What is your favorite item from your shop? 
My favorite item is definitely this awesome 70s fringe vest. Anything with fringe is for me!
If you haven't already, go check out her shop and her amazing blog. Every post inspires me and Maria's style is really unique! Here's how you can follow along!

Would you like to be featured in my MADE series? Know a small business that could use some exposure? Send them my way!

opening up and avoiding the backspace button

Feb 18, 2014

 It's been awhile since I've sat down, opened up, and let the words flow. 

Most posts are written in pieces and edited and I hit the backspace button too frequently. I tweak my eyebrows, doubt my thoughts too much to put them into words, then hit close in defeat. But not today. I think today I'll write with abandon just for once, because I've had too many things on my mind. So I won't care too much about my paragraph order, or if everything looks orderly enough for my picky self. Today, I'll just write, be honest, and leave it at that. 

I am a passionate woman - passionate about marriage, motherhood, parenting, and living a healthy life. I struggle with two things, though. The first is finding things to write about that someone else hasn't already written. Every day I find inspiring posts from inspiring writers/bloggers. Amazing food bloggers write about all the holistic topics I love. Mommy bloggers write about what it feels like to parent a toddler and when to give yourself grace and what it feels like when you need a break. Other moms write about parenting philosophies that I wholeheartedly believe in, and I'm left wondering what I have to offer. Everyone else has "beat me to it" and I'm afraid of being boring or unoriginal. 

 Secondly, I struggle with writing honestly about my opinions because I've gotten a lot of negative feedback from people in my life and sharing my thoughts scares me. I've got so many posts floating around in my head - topics I've really been wanting to write about...things like why we don't believe in spanking or cry-it-out, our overall parenting philosophies, my dreams for our future homestead, what we've learned about traditional foods, just to name a few! As you can see, a few of those aren't easy topics to write about. I've struggled between leaving all of those things in my personal life and not addressing them unless someone asks me questions, and writing about them, because they are such a huge part of our lives right now and that's what this blog is about- sharing my life. When I'm passionate about something, I love sharing it with others, even if all I accomplish is helping them see a different perspective.

I've really been trying to work through this lately. I've been accused of contributing to the  "mommy wars" because I speak out about what I believe and it happens to contradict what someone has chosen to do. I've been told I'm being judgmental and snobby when I share about our lifestyle.  I've apologized my way through different things, and sometimes rightly so. There are times for conversations and times to keep my mouth shut. There are people with whom I can have open conversation and others who don't accept different very well. But sometimes, I get tired of walking on egg shells in both my personal life and my blog. I've thought about the times when it's been the hardest to deal with criticism, and those were times when I was still a little insecure in my own beliefs. But now, over time, I've become confident in what I believe and feel comfortable sharing what I think. 

It's still not easy. It's not easy to think about making bold statements and opening yourself up for criticism and judgement. I want to have a balance. I want to be comfortable being bold and different, but not so bold that all it feels like I'm doing is getting in your face. I wish every reader, and every person I come across, could see my heart. I think that could make the difference. They could see that I share from a place of passion and perspective, not from a place of passing judgement. That's hard to do when you're passionate, and that's what I'm trying to learn- how to write from my heart, be bold enough to write what I believe, soft enough to speak in love, and confident enough to accept the criticism that might come my way without apologizing for who I am.

That being said (with too many run-on sentences...), I've got some questions for you. 

How do you keep original content on your blog? 

Are there topics that scare you to write about? 

Are there topics you think bloggers should avoid altogether, 
or do you think "your blog, your freedom"? 


Feb 15, 2014

7/52: Noah's first time in the snow.

Noah and I spent a few days in Virginia last week visiting family and picking up a new-to-us vehicle to take back home. While we were there, it snowed like crazy and we were able to enjoy around 18 inches! It came up to Noah's waist on the second day. We could tell he really loved being outside and was mesmerized by the falling snow, but he wasn't really sure what to do. He mostly just stood there, smiled and clapped, and occasionally fell back on his butt on purpose. It was quite a task to get him in the snow suit, gloves, and boots, mostly because he was so excited to go outside that he didn't want to wait or sit still for us! We were snowed in with my parents and aside from a few moments of boredom, really had a nice time being "forced" to relax.


Feb 14, 2014

Noah & I made a visit to Virginia this week and came just in time to get snowed in with my parents. It's been wonderfully relaxing and fun taking Noah out to experience the snow.
Lately, I've been....

eating | terribly.
drinking | our first good batch of Kombucha. Blueberry is my favorite!
practicing | letting go of things I can't control.
mastering | the art of cooking with stainless steel. 
learning | patience for things I really, really want.
listening | to 'Say Something' by A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera, and 'Poison & Wine' by Civil Wars.  
playing | in the snow with Noah.
finishing | a present for my sister's birthday.
watching | the Olympics! Go USA!
wearing | my comfy Minnetonka slippers. 
cooking | gluten-free pasta that tastes like the real thing. Score!
working | on trying to be introspective.
traveling | to a fun family cabin weekend!
wanting | or you to check out my poem & my three gift guides! HIS, HERS, & THE LITTLES.

What have you been ____________ lately? 

this dance | a poem

Feb 13, 2014

your hand envelops mine,
we exchange thoughts without saying a word.

a decade of this dance,
stumbling, floating, our turns around this floor.

a give and take and give,
filling and pouring out our cups again.

we have braided our threads,
in passion, in trial, in home, then in birth.

i lay and hear your breath,
and absorb the warmth of your beating heart.

we dream, we dance, we fill,
i smile and pray our adventure takes years.

I'm excited to be linking up with Samantha at Elah Tree for her first installment of The Artist Guild. Today's task is "write a poem", so in honor of Valentine's Day and my handsome husband, I tried my hand at getting creative with words. Find more creativity from others at the link-up! 

our weekend

Feb 11, 2014

one | Noah enjoying a snack. He is going to eat us out of the house and he's not even 15 months!
two | I made jalapeƱo poppers for my in-laws, but they were so good I forgot to get an after picture before we scarfed them down! I also scraped out 15 jalapeƱos and my hands were on fire for an hour. Advice- wear gloves! 
three | We stayed pretty close to home most of the weekend. Noah enjoyed being pulled around by his Gma and watching his daddy and Grandpa cut wood. 
four | Sunday night, Michael's mom kept Noah for us so we could have a date night. We dropped his dad off at the airport then drove around the Gulch in Nashville, scoping out our potential dinner!
five |  It was still early after we dropped M's dad off at the airport, so we went to Tavern, a fun bar and restaurant, and grabbed drinks and an appetizer. 
six | delicious sangria. 
seven | Loved the low light atmosphere, could have done with about half fewer tvs. 
eight | We chose Italian at Amerigo's for dinner and I had tortellini and a delicious Tiramisu martini. Afterward, I snapped this shot of the city on our way home. 
nine | Noah had the cutest outfit on and actually kept his Toms on for long ER than a minute. Of course when he's dressed in one of his cutest outfits is the day he wants nothing to do with the camera. 
ten-thirteen | Spent most of the day Monday in Nashville. Grabbed lunch at Noshville, did a little grocery shopping, and came home to pack for a week away from home. Noah and I are heading to Virginia this week to pick up our "new to us" minivan (yep, you read right! This girl who swore on her life that she'd never be a minivan mom is throwing in the towel for more space! 

How was your weekend? 

Be Mine Gift Guide | The Littles

Feb 10, 2014

As a new mom, I now view holidays with even more excitement than before. I remember my mom making them feel so magical, and I hope to do that for my kids, too. Don't get me wrong, I definitely believe less is more and fully believe in a somewhat minimalist lifestyle. That's why I put together a little list of completely affordable and practical things for the littles that can mostly be used year 'round, too!


one | "I Woof You!" Divided Plate | Isn't this adorable? Can't they make grown up divided plates?!

two | h&m Henley Shirt | Who doesn't love h&m, first for their style and second for their amazing prices! They have the cutest kids collection!

three | Minnetonka Velcro Back Flap Bootie | Aren't these the cutest? I've seen a ton of moccasins online but with a huge price tag! These are cute, affordable, and really good quality!

four | Fun Books | These are cute little options to read to the kiddos around Valentine's Day. Anyone else grow up reading little critters?

five | YumEarth Organics Lollipops | This is a great alternative to all that junky candy on the store shelves. While these are still sugar, they contain natural fruit extracts and zero artificial flavors or dyes! Yay for no Red #40! 

Some fun & free alternatives:
Mommy & Me Valentine's Craft Time: Just what it sounds like! Get that craft paper, scissors, glue, and glitter and go to town! Make some fun cards for friends and family, and write love letters to each other on the cards you made together! 

Heart-Shaped Baking: What kid doesn't love getting fun-shaped goodies? Don't forget the sprinkles!And better yet, bake together!

Love Coupons: Print out some fun "coupons" for your kids that they can redeem with you. "Skip-a-chore", "Ice Cream Treat", and "Bedtime 30 Minutes Later" are just a few that come to mind!

Parent/Kiddo Date Night: I love the idea of having date nights with your kiddos. It gives you a chance to connect with each one individually and helps them feel special with that undivided attention from you. This could be a simple as going to the park for an hour one-on-one or going to get ice cream and going for a walk.

What would you add to this list? 

Have you seen my other Valentine's Day gift guides? Check them out!


Feb 8, 2014

6/52: Grandma drying Noah off after his bath.
Michael's parents are visiting us this weekend and we're enjoying having them here! Noah is a ham and showing off how well he can walk now. His mommy and daddy are enjoying someone else giving him a bath and changing the occasional diaper! We're sticking close to home this weekend and just enjoying each other's company. We had snow this morning but it melted before noon. Noah enjoyed a long walk with his Grandpa to visit the horses down the road and is loving curling up in his Gma's lap to read books. Feeling very thankful for such wonderful family. 

Be Mine Gift Guide | For Her

Feb 7, 2014

Like I said in the first BE MINE Gift Guide | for him, I know everyone has different opinions about Valentine's Day, but I like to keep an open mind. Especially if you're already good at showing love all the other days of the year, why not use this day as a fun "excuse" to show some more love!

If you're into the gifts aspect of Valentine's Day, here are a few things I thought would be nice to get! 


one | Stella & Dot Paloma Stacked Ring | I love the idea of jewelry, but I think spending outrageous amounts of money just because is kind of old. I don't want something I only feel right wearing to a special occasion, but rather something I can wear with several different outfits that is equal parts subtle and stands out enough to be noticed.

two | Anthropologie Painted Poppies iPhone Case | Who wouldn't love a cute new case for their phone? Anthro has some fun ones to choose from so you can really pick according to her style!

three | Merona Cross-body Handbag | Black & white is so timeless. I love a good cross-body bag, too. Unfortunately I don't get too much use out of anything not big enough to double as a diaper bag, but something like this could even work for a day out in town.

four | J. Crew Silk Pajama Pant & Amour Tee | Who doesn't love pajamas that make them feel luxurious? I love lingerie, but let's get real- who hangs out in that stuff every night? I think this set is a step up from flannel when you're feeling like pampering yourself (and don't worry, there are tons of silk pajamas out there without that outrageous price tag!).

five | Massage Gift Certificate & Honest Co. Aromatic Soy Candle | I think if I had to pick one of these, a massage would beat out the rest. Especially if the gift is for a mom. Trust me- she needs this. An hour to herself with light music, amazing massage, and aromatherapy? WIN.

Some fun & free alternatives:

Date Night In: Drop the kids with Grandma or put them to bed early, then grab the wine, make some dinner, and enjoy her favorite movie and a treat while cuddled on the couch!

Love Letters: A heartfelt, mean-every-word type of love letter trumps diamonds and chocolate any day!

Detail her car: This is a weird one, I know, but it is one of those things that needs to be done and that she's probably rarely got time (or desire) to do! It's probably too cold to wash it, but a nice interior detail would be so appreciated!

Bring Breakfast in Bed: Start the day off right and just go the extra mile to make her feel special and appreciated!

 What about you? What would you add to the list?

MADE SERIES 03 // Leah Martinez: Beautifully Molded

Feb 5, 2014

Leah Martinez is a Texas girl with a passion for the Pacific North West. She's a mother to three kiddos with a passion for the arts, painting, dancing, and acting. She is a believer who strives to live her life loving and encouraging others. She's joined me today as the third installment in my Made Series to introduce her Etsy shop, Beautifully Molded, and answer a few questions about how she got started and what inspires her!

When did you start your business/open up shop?
I started my shop December of last year after feeling extremely overwhelmed with my day job not allowing me to express my creativity. The insurance industry doesn't love much room for art and creating, and I needed something that I could pour out all my creativity into. For years, I have doodled and painted but never did anything with it other than decorate my home with my art. When my job held a craft show onsite, I bought a spot and sold some items. It was so exciting! That brought the exhilarating feeling of being able to sell my work and knew then I wanted to pursue selling my art and designs.

What is the story behind your business/shop name?
Beautifully Molded is also my blog name and I knew I wanted to streamline my brand with the same name. When I began my blog, I wanted to share my story of what God is doing and has done in my life, molding and refining me to be who He wants me to be, one beautiful step at a time. In the same way, I would like my work to reflect that; each piece being molded from a blank piece of canvas/board/paper into encouraging art.

Who has been your biggest encourager?
I've absolutely been to have my family as my encouragers. From my children giving me little pep talks when I stand back and look at piece trying to decide if I like it or not, to my sister constantly reminding me to go for it. It can get difficult putting yourself out there and having people judge your work, but in the words of my oldest son 'you may think nobody will like it, but you don't really know what others will think, unless you just do it.' it's crazy how kids can sometimes think, huh?
What inspires your creativity?
As an artist, coming unto a rut of creativity is a real buzz kill. When that happens, being outdoors helps volumes. It helps when it's a beautiful day, but nonetheless nature provides so much inspiration to create. loving music, listening to it will also get the creative juices flowing! 

What is your favorite item from your shop?
My favorite item from the shop has to be the hanging canvas calendars. I loved working with the canvas and making a pretty piece that could be used all year round. I currently have the Deer design at my work desk.  
I agree with Leah- my favorite thing from her shop is the Deer canvas calendar. I love that Leah's kids are so supportive, and from the sounds of it, pretty smart! It takes a lot to get a business up and running, especially when your artistic skills are on display. I love that Leah took the leap and she now has an amazing shop to show for it!

You can find her shop, blog, and social media accounts here | BLOG//SHOP//INSTAGRAM//TWITTER

Own your own small business and interested in being part of the Made Series? Contact me and let's chat!