Oct 23, 2014

Risky Business, take two, anyone?  He looks like such a big boy in his little jeans and shirts and coordinated outfits, but when I strip him down to his diaper so he can get messy I see glimpses of my baby boy still in there somewhere. It's a bittersweet thing watching your boy grow, but mostly I'm so see him try and succeed, to see him struggle and work through it, to see him learn every day and know that all of this sowing will reap rewards by the grace of God one day. So while he grows and I cheer him on, I'll still take the opportunity to relish in these moments of that last bit of leg chub, the diaper stage, and his love for diving in, getting messy, and exploring.


  1. Aww... This makes me cry #pregnancyhormones

  2. Oh my goodness what I cutie! I can't wait to take pictures like this of my little one someday! So sweet!

  3. These pictures are so cute! Love your blog!