Noah | a graduation speech of sorts

Oct 16, 2014

I can't believe my sweet boy has gotten to be this big. So big, in fact, that in a matter of a couple of weeks he'll officially earn the title 'big brother'. Where has the time gone? It felt like just last week I was holding my newborn, nursing him, and staring into his sweet eyes. Last night I cried thinking about how much will change when baby comes. (What haven't I cried at lately?!) I know the change will be wonderful and beautiful, but before it comes I want to document some fun things about this age and time in our lives. 

Noah is a month and a half shy of two years old. He loves all things trains, tractors, and Daniel Tiger. His favorite treats at the moment are Apple Pie Larabars, or "App-le Bah". He also loves just about any fruit and can chow down on some meat. Some of his favorite snacks are bananas, cheese, yogurt, raisins, grapes, cashews, and Kettle chips.

He loves reading books and calls them "boots". His favorite book is a John Deere alphabet book that my mom got him awhile ago. He also loves an animal picture book and loves pointing out the "pideh" (spider), "sark" (shark), "whool in da wawa" (whale in the water), and the snake. His favorite night-time book is Goodnight Moon and he can say the words along with me to every other page.

He still loves signing and his sign vocabulary is growing every day.  He gets plenty of practice day-to-day at home with us and when we Facetime his Papa. We always try to get a good recording of him when they're having a detailed conversation, but he always notices the camera and wants to see what's on the other side!

His vocabulary grows daily. He can repeat words after us now and is now putting words together to form short sentences. His first one was "Abbey Nana Papa house", meaning Abbey (the dog) is at Nana and Papa's house. He likes to say "Dada grass tractor mow". He doesn't always put words together in the right order but I love seeing and hearing his brain work in this way. It's also much easier now that he can communicate what he needs or wants in away that we understand. He's a talker for sure and I'm looking forward to many fun conversations as he gets older.

As far as routine, we've gotten a bit more consistent lately with out it feeling rigid. We've met some great friends and have found some fun groups, play dates, and events going on. It's nice to keep busy during the day and I like when we have things to do outside of the house. Our plans vary from day to day but lately it looks something like this: Wake up, have some breakfast, I'll do a few chores while he plays for awhile, then we usually try to leave the house. Some days we just run errands but many days we have something scheduled- open gym twice a week at the local gymnastics, a book study with other moms (just started and enjoying it!), MOPS program every other week, and the occasional play date with another mom and her kiddos. Whatever we do, we're usually back home right around Noah's nap time. I feel pretty lucky because if he falls asleep in the car he'll stay asleep when I carry him inside and to bed. He usually sleeps two hours or less and by that time Michael is on his way home and I'm getting dinner ready and finishing up household stuff.

Noah loves when Michael gets home and I can usually get him distracted for about twenty minutes by having him "watch for da-da!" out the windows. If he's in a certain mood he doesn't do well playing by himself while I'm making dinner and will hang all over my legs and gets kind of whiny. Those are the moments where I'm desperate and try to get him involved in something fun long enough to get things done. Sometimes this involves the iPad or a show, I'll admit. Other times I dump his markers out on the kitchen floor, roll out a long piece of paper, and let him draw.

We're still working on being gentle with others, but I think he's starting to understand more. Usually if he pushes, we ask him to be "gentle and easy" and then ask him to redo it in that way. Usually that just involves him going to the other person and petting their arm or back, but if it's Michael or me he will give us a hug and say "aw! mama!". It's the cutest. We're also working on being patient while waiting his turn for something instead of grabbing it out of their hands. Some days he gets it, waits, and watches. Other days he grabs and cries. It's all a part of learning and I try not to get discouraged on days when he struggles, because I struggle, too.

Noah goes to the nursery at church most Sundays we're there and seems to be getting used to it. The first few times I took him it took awhile to help him work through staying. I found that talking to him about it beforehand and even singing the Daniel Tiger jingle "grownups come back!" helps him understand what's going to happen. He now will usually walk right into his classroom on Sundays and for MOPS (same place!) and the ladies there say he does really well. Music to this mama's ears!

Overall, Noah truly does have the sweetest little spirit. He's adventurous, observant, and can be so funny and silly. I have loved getting to see his personality grow and develop along the way. I feel so thankful that God has provided a way for me to stay home with Noah and I truly love it, even though some days are harder than others.

He is so excited to meet his baby brother and I can't wait to see them both together- our boys. Noah now will come kiss my belly, say "baby" in a high-pitched voice, and has recently started saying "baby out" after I explained that baby brother will come out to see him soon. I'm 38 weeks today and our time as family of three is coming to a close. I'm so excited for Noah to have a brother and can't wait to see him learn to love his brother and gain a new best friend.


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