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Oct 24, 2014

I'm sure I've mentioned before that we moved into a house built in the late 80's with hardly any updating done since then. It was our plan all along to put up with the brown walls (in every room!), the blue original-to-the-house carpet upstairs, and the foggy windows until we slowly remodeled each room. One and a half down, and 1800 square feet to go! It's not easy as a woman who loves home decor to live in a space where it doesn't feel comfortable or quite like home yet, but I decided a couple of months ago that instead of leaving every space blank until we got to it, I'd try to decorate on a budget. I couldn't stand staring at empty walls and spaces any longer.

When I saw the first pumpkins for sale in town and felt the first crisp morning of the season, I got so excited. Not only do I love the beautiful weather fall brings, but the decor, if you do it right, can be simple enough to last until Christmas decor comes out! I grabbed a few mini pumpkins, a few bigger ones, made a fun "Trick or Treat" sign at a craft night I went to recently with friends, and used items we already had in the house.

I love having a mantle to decorate. Eventually we're going to paint the stone white and change out the original mantle for something more rustic, but for now I love having a central place in the room to display our things. I gathered some twigs from the yard and used the wine corks from our wedding decorations to fill in the space a little. I also bought a bag of candy corn to add a fun Halloween theme, and I promise I had the best of intentions to not eat them. You can see how that worked out for me!

I enjoyed putting some fun touches in the otherwise boring spaces of our home. I'm already inspired with some fun Christmas decorations and can't wait to go all out with those this year. 

What do you put up for fall decor? Do you focus on fun Halloween items or try to keep it more season-themed?


  1. Beautiful decorations Kelsey! When we first got married I would decorate for seasons here and there but ever since we moved to a smaller place with much less storage....it just kills me to have to search through stuff in the attic amd I eventually don't do anything! So sad! Maybe when we have an actual house someday that we own, I'll be more likely to have decorations out.

  2. I love that you're being proactive about loving your house even before it's the way you're going to have it long term. I'm sure that makes you so much more content!