The Remodel | Noah's Big Boy Room Before

Aug 19, 2014

As soon as we walked into our house here in Chattanooga for the first time we knew we had a fixer-upper on our hands. In fact, it's what drew us to the house (that and the great deal!). When I say fixer-upper, I guess I mean remodel because the bones of this house are fine. The house was built 25 years ago and I'm not exaggerating when I say that almost everything is original to the late 80's. Yep, seashell shaped sinks, blue carpet (that we think was an entirely different color before two families, pets, and 25 years of wear and tear), popcorn ceiling, and those beautiful gold/brass fixtures everywhere

The previous owners ripped up the carpet downstairs and put laminate hardwood. It's not the shade or style of floors I would have chosen, but I'm just glad we don't have blue carpet down there, too. The owners also did some painting. In fact, they painted every. single. room - brown. It's more of a dark khaki, really. And it's just....depressing. The only room that wasn't brown was the room upstairs that we chose to be Noah's room. It was a baby blue with cream trim.
I should also mention the windows. They're so bad they deserve their own paragraph. Every window in this house is leaking between the panes, meaning we can barely see out of them. There are 20 windows exactly and although they vary in levels of visibility, every single one will need to be replaced eventually. They might actually be one of the most annoying things about this house. I love natural light but opening the windows makes the room look worse and makes me want to close the blinds.
Right off the bat we decided that we would not go into debt to fix up this house. We sat down together and budgeted a reasonable amount per month to put towards material. Creating the budget is not only allowing us to meet other financial goals while still being able to afford the remodel, but it's allowed us to pace our progress nicely, giving us just enough material to complete the job before the next paycheck.

We decided we wanted to get Noah settled in as soon as we could with a room of his own. We put him in one of the other rooms temporarily while we proceeded to gut the blue room. When I say gut, I mean we took everything down but the drywall. It was intense.

One of the first things Michael did was scrape the ceiling. We used this tutorial and it worked perfectly. One spray bottle of water, a putty knife, some patching of joints, and a coat of paint later and the ceiling looked wonderful. I was so impressed! After the ceiling was done, we ripped out the carpet, baseboards, and trim around the window, doors, and closet. The custom window we ordered arrived at the perfect time and it looks great. I love the pane pattern and am excited to eventually have all the windows this style. 

After patching some places on the walls, we primed and painted. I kind of have a girl-crush on Joanna Gaines from the show Fixer Upper and I loved one of the colors she used in an entry-way. It's Sherwin Williams Silver Strand and it's the perfect shade of blue/grey. I knew I wanted to go with a rustic mountain theme for Noah's room so I thought this color would go well with some of the features I wanted to add.
Here you can see the new paint, the new window, and the flat ceiling!
Once this was done, we replaced the light in the closet and exchanged all of the cream outlets and switches for white. Then we cut the trim, baseboards, and crown moulding and begun putting it up. I've always loved thick trim and craftsman-style detailing, so we chose thicker baseboards at 4.25 inches, 1x4s for the window trim, and a wide enough crown moulding that would stand out but not take away from the rest of the details.
Once the trim was up and painted it was time to put in the floors before adding the baseboards. We chose Handscraped Bourbon Hickory Engineered Hardwood from Lowe's. After a HUGE ordeal including two separate employees getting the item number wrong on the floor order and wasting a week and a half waiting on floors they actually DID have in stock, we finally were able to pick them up and start the installation. My mom came to visit this past weekend and the three of us worked on making cuts, measuring, and laying the floor. 
Aren't they gorgeous?
I'd say overall we've spent about two months on this room. A lot of the work was done in the evenings after Michael got home from work. Some of the time was spent just getting our bearings for the work being done- the first time scraping popcorn ceilings, making just the right cuts on the mouldings, installing the windows, cutting and measuring wood, etc. We both agree that the rest of the rooms should go a little bit faster now that we have one under our his belt. 

I'd say we're about a week away from moving Noah in. We have nail holes to patch on the baseboards and closet doors to prime, paint, and hang. I hate to leave you hanging here, but hopefully you'll come back for Part One of the reveal later this week! I'll be sharing the final results of all the hard work put into this room as well as a fun mood board I've created for decor inspiration! I'll also talk a little more about the smaller details of the room. Stay tuned! 


  1. The windows look amazing!!!! And the floors are beautiful! Can't wait to see more!

  2. I'm sure you all are so proud of all of the work you've put into that room. It looks amazing and I am excited to see the finished room. I've always thought it would be neat to do a remodel on a house, but oh the work and the hours it would take, I'm not sure if I could do it! Hopefully the rest of your house comes together quickly!!

  3. How fun!!! This sounds like the type of house Nate and I really want to buy - a cheap house with great bones that we can do lots of work to. :-)

  4. wow, I'm so impressed! I know this is going to be such a lovely home for your family and I look forward to keeping up with the progress. Good work!