the good in my ordinary

Aug 25, 2014

Today, I'm choosing to start off my week with a grateful perspective.  I tend to lose sight of the good in my circumstances, especially when they're disguised as ordinary, every day life. So today, I'm grateful for...

....relaxed evenings at home spent cooling off and getting messy.

.....finding new areas of town to enjoy. We hit up Wired Coffee Bar, newly opened less than ten minutes from our house, for breakfast before taking Noah to the Creative Discovery Museum in downtown Chattanooga.

....for a husband who is an amazing dad, the kind that loves seeing his son experience new things and is a great teacher to someone so small.

....and for messes, because they mean that we're blessed with little feet running around.

I'm linking up today with Emily at Ember Grey for Grateful Heart Monday. Head there to gain some good perspective for your Monday morning or join in and link up your own grateful list. Happy Monday, Friends.


  1. sooo cute!!! I can still remember playing in the sprinkler or with the hose when I was young... that was like the definition of summer, you know? :) I'm so glad you linked up today, Kelsea!! Hope you have a great week!

  2. I used to love playing with the hose when I was younger. We had a pool but the hose was the most fun and there's nothing better than finding a new coffee shop!!

  3. Love this post! :) Don't you love little places you find close to home? I love those unique places. :) Your little one is so cute! :)

  4. Awesome post! I've been taking the time to really focus on being grateful. Have you read Soul Keeping by John Ortberg? It's great so far, I recommend it!