Noah's Big Boy Room | Progress and A Mountain Mood Board

Aug 26, 2014

Last week I showed Noah's room BEFORE and just how much of an eye-sore we were dealing with. As with every remodel at some point in the process, our progress kind of came to a halt after some issues with the closet doors (and frankly, needing to take a break!). Since it's not the full reveal, I'll call this part one and share an empty reveal of Noah's room as well as the mood board I created as inspiration for decorating it!

We had hoped to have him sleeping in his new room by the weekend, but we decided to have some family fun instead. It's been a long process as this has been the first step in our remodel, meaning we've been working on the details and budgeting that will set the precedent for other rooms as well. Here's a little peek at the mostly finished room (excuse the dusty floor!)....
Some of my favorite features in this room are the craftsman style trim, the new window, the beautiful floors, the wide white (instead of thin dirty cream) baseboards, and the dark hardware. I'm so excited to get the rest of our house looking as good as this room! For now the progress list is as follows: finish hallway and the guest room before baby arrives! That's about it for now and we have T-minus 9.5 weeks!

When I designed Noah's nursery at our old house I chose mint green walls and brightly colored features. This time I wanted the room to feel a bit more boy as well as provide an easy transition to a more mature look as he gets older. Michael is an avid backpacker and loves all things outdoors. We have dreams of hiking as a family one day and I thought it would be fun to incorporate that into Noah's new room. I've also been really inspired by Joanna Gaines' style- industrial and rustic, but still warm and just a little bit country. I'm obsessed with her and her husband's show Fixer Upper. I gained quite a bit of inspiration from their show, her Pinterest boards, and some of the features she has in their home. The mood board below was born out of months of browsing Pinterest late at night and I can't wait to slowly get some of these fun, unique items.

Noah's Big Boy Room

Some of the things on this mood board we already have - I bought an awesome metal 'N' today at Hobby Lobby, my old full size wrought iron bed is at my parents' waiting to be brought down and set up, M's dad is planning on making the rustic basketball goal, and the Ikea dresser we already own and was in Noah's nursery.I'm hoping to make the mountain pillows myself, find some neutral striped bedding at Ikea, and save up for those awesome national parks posters. 

Once the room is put together, I'll give a fully detailed items list. We're excited to get Noah into his room and feeling settled in a new space before the baby comes. It will be a crazy transition time for all of us so the longer he has to get used to a new room to sleep in, the better!


  1. I love that paint color!! Everything looks great. I can't wait to see it finished!

  2. Things are looking so good!!! I can't wait to see the finished product!!! :-)