Natural Living | Younique 3D Fiber Lashes Review

Aug 27, 2014

Part of living a natural lifestyle has involved ridding our home of as many harmful and toxic chemicals as we can. So many of the chemicals that have been approved for everyday use in our country actually contain cancer-causing and endocrine-disrupting properties. This has been a work in progress for us, but I'd say we're closer now than we ever have been to having an all-natural home. This means things like dye and scent-free laundry detergent, a mix of water, vinegar, and essential oils for an all-purpose cleaner, and warming essential oils or chemical-free waxes instead of candles to keep our house smelling good.

Our toxic body products were some of the first to go. We replaced our deodorant with an all-natural brand (and are working on making our own!), replaced our body washes with Castile soap, replaced our lotions with healthy oils, and quit using standard facial cleaners. Changing your lifestyle can be hard, takes time, and the vast amount of chemicals you uncover in things around your house can leave you feeling defeated. I like to keep an 80/20 rule- if 80% of your products are natural, you're doing a great job! 

One of the hardest areas for me to find all natural products that actually work well? Makeup. I don't wear makeup everyday, but when I do I like to know that what is on my face for hours is as least toxic as possible. Because of this, I was so excited when my friend Kristin introduced me to Younique. All of their products are organic and paraben, fragrance, dye, gluten, and preservative free. On top of that, I love that they are so transparent with their ingredients. Any product you view on their site not only includes a full ingredients list, but Younique takes it one step further and explains the purpose for each and every ingredient, leaving you with the ability to make an informed decision about what goes onto your skin. 

Kristin then introduced me to Younique's 3D Fiber Lashes. I've always had thin, short lashes so when I saw everyone else's 3D Fiber Lashes before and after pictures, I was even more excited to try it for myself. The mascara comes in a really cute black case and includes two wands- one is transplanting gel and the other is black fibers (I've read that most other fiber lashes are white, which means you have to make sure they are fully covered or they will be obvious. Younique's fibers are black, meaning they blend in better with your eyelashes and aren't obvious if they don't all get covered).

The instructions are super easy: start with any mascara, apply it, and let it dry fully. Once they're dry, apply a coat of transplanting gel, immediately followed by a coat of the fibers, and finish with a final coat of transplanting gel. (I found this tutorial really helpful!) With each coat you'll notice your lashes getting longer and thicker. Before taking these pictures, I always thought that my regular black mascara did a pretty good job of accentuating my eyelashes. After comparing my own before and afters, I noticed they weren't nearly as pronounced as I thought, especially when I had eyeliner on. The 3D Fiber Lashes made it look like I actually had mascara on and my lashes were longer and able to be seen above the already dark eyeliner I had on. I should note I tried to put this on the way I would any makeup day, so I didn't apply the 3D fibers to my bottom lashes in the after pictures for a more causal look. 
I also tried Younique's eye pigment in Curious and love it! I'm wearing it in the pictures above and love the neutral shimmer. I've also noticed that it lasts all day where other eye shadows I have usually wear off after a few hours. So far I have been really impressed with the things I've tried. Next on my list to try? Some different pigment colors and Lucrative Lip Gloss!

Wanting to switch to more natural beauty products? Interested in trying something out for yourself? Visit Kristin's website to check out the many different products they have to offer. You can also 'like' her Facebook page to see some more amazing befores and afters of the 3D  fiber lashes, be updated on giveaways, ask questions about products, and place an order.

Have you heard of Younique? Have you ever tried Fiber lashes before?


  1. It's crazy how their mascara can change your eye color! I love it!

    1. Haha that was due more to editing the lighting! Haha I wish it did!