Bebe Two | 25 weeks

Jul 17, 2014

I haven't written as much about this pregnancy as I did when I was pregnant with Noah. I've been saving up most of my energy to make it through this move for the past couple of months. Now that we're settled, and are settling more each week, I wanted to jot down a few details before "pregnancy brain" takes over and I forget it all! 

Maternity Care
Noah's birth was wonderful (you can read more about his natural birth here and here). I received care from a group of midwives in Nashville and the task of finding a good fit for me here in Chattanooga was daunting. Thankfully, after joining and consulting all kinds of women via local Facebook groups, I've found a wonderful midwife here. She and I meshed right away and I felt instantly at ease. I can't tell you what a relief it is to have someone whose standard model of practice is the exact kind of care we are looking for.

The first few months of this pregnancy weren't easy. All I had was some nausea, but my energy level was at an all-time low. I know some of that was due in part to the stresses of relocation, but most of it had to do with my appetite and overall nutrition. I wasn't eating much of anything substantial (lack of appetite!) and it was affecting me terribly. Headaches, terrible nausea, extreme fatigue, the list goes on. Once we moved in to our new house I knew I had to get it under control. 

With some research, and the encouragement of my midwife, I started a modified version of the Brewer's Diet (basically getting enough food and lots of good proteins, fats, and carbs). I also began taking a  food-based iron supplement and Cod Liver Oil on top of the supplements I was already taking. I can't tell you how much better I have felt! I have energy when I wake up, I'm able to do normal tasks throughout the day with ease, and most importantly, keep up with an active toddler. It's amazing how much better our bodies function when we feed them correctly! 

Overall, I've been feeling excited. We can't wait to meet our baby and as crazy as some of you mamas may think I sound, I'm looking forward to giving birth again. Although the pain was out of this world intense, there is nothing like the empowering feeling of birthing a child and holding him in your arms that first time. I can't wait to do it again. I do still find myself struggling with some depression and anxiety and find that it's heightened during pregnancy. In some ways I think it's better than it was with Noah because I'm taking care of myself much better than I did then, and I'm thankful for that knowledge.

All About Bebe
If you don't follow me on IG, I made this corny little video announcing that we're expecting another boy! I knew within seconds of the image coming up on the screen and said something before the technician had time to tell us. I'll be honest, I had such a strong feeling baby was a girl that I was a little surprised when I saw otherwise. Noah is going to have so much fun having a little brother and knowing they both have such a good example in their dad makes it all the more precious.

As of today I'm 25 weeks along. Baby's grown quite a bit and my belly is now obvious. According to my Ovia app, baby boy is the size of a cabbage, around 14 inches long, and weighs almost two pounds! I've been feeling kicks since 14 weeks, but since then they've gotten stronger and visible from the outside when I'm laying really still. The ultrasound showed a healthy baby for which we are so thankful. We have a few names floating around but don't feel hurried to settle on one this time. Although, it will be fun when we do choose one because we can start calling baby by his name rather than just "baby".

With only around 15 weeks left, we've got the normal tasks to accomplish- getting Noah's baby clothes out and organizing them for his little brother, getting all the packed away baby items out and ready to use, and making a space for baby in our room. We're also remodeling Noah's room and hope to have that done, along with the hallway and our master bedroom, before baby comes.
We're so excited to meet this little boy!


  1. What a beautiful picture! This makes me miss you so badly!! You look incredible.

  2. Oh, so glad that you are feeling better and getting settled in your new house and new area. And, how great that you have found a Midwife that you meshed with. Blessings for the weeks ahead!

  3. I am so glad you are feeling more settled and that you are feeling better in general! I can't imagine what it would be like to have to chase a toddler around with no energy! I hope you continue to feel better. So glad you found a good midwife too! I'm sure you are relieved about that! Having a good health professional that you like can make all the difference :)

  4. Congratulations on your baby boy! That is so exciting. I'm glad you're feeling more settled.

  5. Yay! I love reading this update! I thought our little one was a girl too until the ultrasound. :-) I can't wait to "see" him when he gets here, dear!