not all bad

Jun 24, 2014

I often talk about how overwhelmed I can get by the online world. But just as often as I feel overwhelmed, I find myself inspired, excited, and educated by what I come across. So instead of bashing the internet, today I'll share the things that have made me smile lately on the world wide web.

    > Isn't that table setting gorgeous? I love how this artist got creative with her menu and decorations for her dinner party. At this point, I can only dream. But some day!

    > Not Afraid of Gray spoke to where I've been and where I find myself spiritually lately. Addie Zierman puts my heart into beautiful words, and her guest poster does the same in this post.

    > Maternity clothes are limited and somewhat boring (what's with putting pregnant women in stripes all the time?!). I ran across Pink Blush and sighed a huge "thank you" to whoever created these fun, bright, belly-wonderful clothes. 

    > I applaud this mama for her post about the modesty police.

    > Shopping with my Baby Mama Style Pinterest board in hand has been helpful!

    > In honor of the World Cup, an artist paints portraits of soccer superstars with only her feet and a soccer ball. Go USA! 

    > Make this. Drink it. You're welcome. 

    > We recently watched this documentary on Netflix and now I'm convinced that M and I need to spend 6 months after the kids are grown hiking the John Muir trail. 

    > We love to let Noah do things for himself, even if it gets a little messy! Independence is good!

    Happy Tuesday!


    1. How is your pregnancy going, dear girl?!?! I hope things are wonderful!

    2. Love these links! I'd like to make some agua fresca this weekend. Yummy! Hope you've had a great week!

    3. I dream of hosting a dinner party like that as well someday. I too just drool over images like that in the meantime ;)