Total Truth Thursdays 07 | All Things Domestic: I'm No June Cleaver

Apr 17, 2014

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Today's topic is all things domestic!

When it comes to all things domestic, I know many women who think housework is only their job and don't expect their husbands to help out. If that's you and that floats your boat, then more power to you! But that isn't me. I've always been a little irritated when those gender-specific expectations have been thrown my way!
As a stay-at-home-mom, I do realize that because I'm at home more, more of the chores will naturally fall to me during the week, and that's okay. I'm happy to do them because that's how I'm contributing to my family. I see it like this- M's job is 40 hours at his place of employment. My "job" during those hours he is away is taking care of Noah and whatever the day allows for me to get done for our family. M's and my time apart is spent carrying out different responsibilities, but our time together at home is mostly fair ground.
M doesn't come home and expect to do nothing because he's been away all day. One of us doesn't deserve to rest and relax more than the other. Most days we do a really great job at picking up each other's slack. There aren't chores M won't do (besides fold towels because I'm particular about them!) and there aren't chores I refuse to do if they need to be done (besides all that wood splitting he does because I can barely lift the ax, much less swing it). 

There are chores that we prefer doing, and in that case I guess you could say they're gender-specific. He enjoys doing the mowing- it gets him outside, is physical exertion, etc. I don't mind mowing, but it doesn't happen too often unless he needs me to. I prefer to have our closets organized so I don't mind taking the time to fold or hang the clothes a certain way.

Don't get me wrong- I'm not trying to be too modern and deny that there are gender differences, I'm just saying that I don't believe certain tasks or household chores should belong to one or the other solely based on gender. 

What do you think? How do you and your significant other handle chores and other responsibilities at home? 

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  1. I do most of the indoor stuff... he does most of the outdoor stuff. I hate yard work. And we made a pact that if I never had to deal with taking all the trash out, he'd never have to clean a toilet! Ha! It's the little things!

  2. i agree so much! gender specific roles have always bugged me! i mean, i get that back in the day the women kept the house up because the men were outside farming and hunting all day. but that's not our world anymore!

    i'm so thankful that my husband loves to help out in any way that he can! case in point - he hates doing laundry but if i've had to work overtime all week - he gladly does it and doesn't complain about it! we both do whatever needs to be done. "a need known is an assignment given" kinda thing!

  3. I completely agree with you!! I had a skewed vision on this topic when I first got married but that changed pretty quickly.
    It is nice to have a helper with all those chores and we are blessed to have husbands that see it that way also!

  4. My hubs and I try to split the chores up as best we can, but normally I cook, he does dishes and I do laundry. I love cooking, he hates laundry and I hate dishes, so it all evens out ;) I agree though, those gender stereotypes aren't always the best situation for every family.