Chattanooga | the hunt

Apr 18, 2014

This week we've been in Chattanooga house-hunting and exploring the area. This is not for the faint of heart, as I'm sure many of you have experienced for yourselves in a similar process! We've left the hotel early in the morning, driven more than we've been out of the car, and had lots of things on our plate. It's a little stressful, but fun at the same time. By the time 3 or 4 rolls around, this pregnant mama is worn. plum. out. Thankfully, Noah is sleeping really well even though we're out of our routine and that has been a huge win!

Some good things have come from it all, though, and we're at the end of our trip feeling encouraged, a little nervous, and hoping that some details work out in a specific way. I've finally come to terms with the fact that we're not going to find a place here for our homestead dreams. M reminded me that we're only twenty-five and that we have plenty of time to work towards fulfilling our dream. It doesn't have to happen right now. He's right. Once I got there in my heart, we were able to broaden our search a bit more and have found some really promising houses! Our house goes on the market next week, though, so we're kind of stuck as far as putting an offer on something here until we have an offer on our current place. I'm trying hard not to worry about it and just trust that God has the right house in mind for us. 

We haven't been working the whole time. We've had time in the day to relax, have some fun, and explore the area. Noah's been a champ and we wanted him to have some fun and some space to run around. We started off by going to the Tennessee Aquarium downtown. It was our first time there and we really enjoyed it. Noah loved being able to run around freely and thankfully it wasn't too packed. It will be fun to take him back as he gets older and watch him show more and more interest in all the different exhibits there.

Yesterday we spent our free time at Coolidge Park soaking in some sun, getting some fresh air, and letting Noah spend up all his energy. It's such a great park by the river with a pretty view and plenty of room for a toddler to roam around. I'm excited that we'll be close enough to enjoy it often, especially during the summer!

Part of traveling that I love and hate at the same time is having to eat out every meal. I absolutely love being served, exploring new restaurants, and trying different foods - it's an experience for me. But after the third or fourth day my body feels it! On top of that, my appetite is all out of whack and I really am slave to it at this point. By day three, I was kind of getting tired of traditional chain restaurants so we set out to find something different. We were passing Warehouse Row and saw Tupelo Honey Cafe! I've always wanted to eat at the one in Knoxville and was so happy to find out that Chattanooga has its own! The restaurant was gorgeous, I loved every single little detail of the the decor, and the menu was delicious! I got sweet potato pancakes and they might be my new favorite breakfast food. Also, they had biscuits and honey which I've been craving lately. It was so good that we went there again last night!

All in all, this has been a productive trip. I wasn't so sure after the first day, but the rain stopped, the sun came out, and my moods were lifted. We talked through this whole process a lot every day and made sure we were honest about how we felt along the way and that helped make a stressful trip go pretty smoothly. This morning we're heading to North Carolina for a huge family Easter weekend. It will be the first time that  M's dad's side of the family has been together in a few years. We're so excited to spend time with everyone and make some fun memories!

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Happy Weekending!


  1. your photos are beautiful!! the one of you and Noah walking down the hallway is gorgeous. The love in your eyes is so sweet... :)

  2. Great photos! Tennessee Aquarium is one of my faves in the world; I used to take field trips there as a kid!!!

  3. okay, you have the most insanely gorgeous eyes/eye color. beautiful photos, makes me want to visit someday. i've never been that far south...maybe not during the summer. ;)

  4. Praying everything works out in the sale of your house and the buying of a new house. I'm sure the Lord already has it all worked out.

    Beautiful pics!

    Wishing you a most blessed Easter as you celebrate with those you love.

  5. Such adorable pictures. He has the exact same hair color as my daughter. You look beautiful my dear!

  6. Chattanooga is a fantastic area. You will love it! Beautiful pictures!

  7. So happy for you guys! Chattanooga is an awesome city!

  8. I love these photos, especially the one of you holding Noah. What an exciting time for you and your family!