Apr 5, 2014

12/52: Noah had just spent about five minutes playing with his reflection in the glass door.
13/52: Another gloriously warm afternoon spent on the back porch with snacks, water, and me trying to avoid the bees!
14/52: We're trying to spruce up our flower beds before the house starts showing. Noah got right down beside us and dug in the dirt. He was fascinated with the watering can, too. It's too bad he doesn't know not to step on the flowers! 

This week's goal? Try to get the camera out more and post one 52 project post a week instead of having to clump a few together! Happy Saturday!


  1. He is so cited this is one of the most fun stages! I love the playing with the reflection, priceless.

  2. Mmm... outside with snacks. The best kind of day. Minus the bees ;)