Total Truth Thursdays 02 | Fashion: New Mama Challenges!

Mar 13, 2014

Welcome to our second Total Truth Thursday! Kirstin and I started this link-up in hopes that it will be successful in creating a safe environment for us to share our opinions, beliefs, and thoughts- however strong, against-the-grain, mainstream, or out there they are! If this is the first time you’re hearing about Total Truth Thursdays, head back to this post and catch up on what it’s all about!

Before we dive in and link up, there are a few things that you need to know:
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Today’s topic is FASHION!

I've never considered myself  "up" on fashion. I can put together a mean Pinterest board, but when it comes to actually going into a store, or my own closet for that matter, and putting together an outfit, I feel lost. I'm on two opposite ends of the spectrum. I can tell you what I really like and I can tell you what I really don't like, but somewhere in the middle it all gets lost in translation from the store to my closet to my body.
Noah's second day at home.

New motherhood made this harder. Not impossible, but definitely more of a struggle for me! Motherhood is absolutely amazing and I wouldn't trade it for the world- even that crazy, postpartum phase. But sometimes, all the wonderful things that come with it can give you a run for your money when it comes to fashion and finding clothes to wear. Here's my total truth of new mom fashion....

1. The In-Between Stage of Postpartum
The "still squishy" stage was hard for me, and because I was eating terribly and not taking care of myself, it was even more of a challenge all around- mentally, physically, emotionally. For the most part my pre-baby clothes fit okay, but I still had weight to lose and none of my clothes fit right. You wonder why some brand new moms wear sweatpants a lot at first? Because they're the only things that are comfortable and don't scream every extra pound at you when you pull them up! I had jeans to wear, but they came up way too high and were hideous.  Why didn't anyone tell me?! I was SO glad when changing my lifestyle for the better helped me get back to a healthier weight. It can happen fast or slow, depending on your body type and lifestyle, but there still IS an in-between stage, and it's not always fun.

2. Nursing-friendly wardrobe
I'm a nurse-in-public mama. I don't care, I'll do it anywhere. I don't use a cover, but I always nurse from under my shirt and have a tank on so my stomach isn't exposed. I'm not one of those mamas who pull down from the top and just whip it out, so this past summer, I had to forget any type of fun summer dress, or a light, flowy, strapless-bra top for a family outing. Nope. I stuck to some solid tees or a few sleeveless tanks that could be easily layered and covered my fuller-at-the-time goods. No cute racer-back with some shoulder skin exposed. I had to wear an extra sturdy nursing bra at first and an inch wide strap is just not summer-friendly! I was in that in-between stage for awhile, so I never went shopping in hopes that I'd lose the weight (the weight I was keeping on by eating cookies every single day!).

3. Nothing too fancy! 
Babies spit up. It's a fact of life. Also, sometimes nursing gets out of control when you're just starting out. So when I'd be planning an outfit I'd always judge it by how easily the fabric was wiped off, how much the spit-up or wet spot would show, and if it would be super obvious if I leaked. Thankfully, I figured out how to keep that at a minimum, but it happened!

When those are the issues you're faced with as a new mom, it's not easy stepping into the closet and putting something on that you feel good in, much less can be held up to Pinterest standards!

I hate when all women do is complain about motherhood and how it's so awful and on and on. It's depressing, not true, and skews the view for everyone else hoping to one day have kiddos! I truly feel being a mother is the biggest joy I've ever experienced, but I'd be naive to never admit that it's hard sometimes, even when it comes to something as seemingly small as fashion. Don't worry, you and your body eventually figure things out, your boobs get a little more predictable, and you find what clothes work for your body through each stage. But it's an interesting adventure getting there! 

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  1. I totally relate to this. The 'squishy phase' part made me laugh.

  2. Love this, your honesty always makes me look forward to Motherhood!! :) day!

  3. I just love the honesty of this link up! I may have to jump on board for next week, so awesome to have a safe place to be vulnerable! I have not had a baby, yet....but I struggle with finding my style. I have started using Stitchfix and it is so get a personal stylist to pick out 5 items they think you would like and they mail it to you to try on for only $20 you should look into it! So fun and affordable and no shopping involved!


  4. While I can't relate to the post-partum stuff, I can relate to just wanting to be comfortable because you'll be having little beings hanging on you all day long! Slowly but surely you start to feel "pretty" again and can venture back into a somewhat more "fashionable" attire. Thanks for hosting this linkup! (it pushed me to do my first "fashion photography" post... kind of felt weird I must say!)

  5. Well, I think you always are dressed adorably! So... There's that. ;-)

  6. LOVE this link-up idea! Going to check out the other topics!

    I'm also a nurse-in-public mom and basically live in my nursing tanks. Why, oh why, are nursing bras so high and wide? I can't wear anything with them!

  7. Not too long ago I was helping my Mom go dress shopping, and my Mom was like, yeah, I didn't really wear dresses for 15 years of my life because I was either pregnant or nursing. I feel like only recently they've been much better about making clothes that are helpful for nursing moms!