The Two Sides of the Same Whole | Guest Post: Mama Mermaid

Mar 14, 2014

Today, I'm so excited to share with you these beautiful words from Nicole at Mama Mermaid. She is a kindred mama soul when it comes to all things natural and her words about motherhood and balance are inspiring.
 Nicole Lauren is the nature-loving mother and wife behind the blog Mama Mermaid, a place where she writes about natural parenting and sustainable living made simple. She has a penchant for vintage fashion, making up new recipes and taking spontaneous adventures with her family.

Motherhood infused itself to my soul, not the day I held my daughter Rosemary for the first time, but rather months before that when I saw those two faint little lines. I don’t think any mother ever forgets the moment she realized she was no longer just a woman but now a person charged with the responsibility of raising another human being. 

Life before that moment feels like a vague half-forgotten dream. I have the journals, the photos that are like souvenirs to remind me of a different period in my life.
Even if, to be perfectly honest, at times it is like looking at someone else’s scrapbook. Back then I lived in a world where blowouts were what you got at a salon and Friday nights meant cocktails with friends.  

However, I am here to say that this journey isn’t necessarily about forgoing one’s old identity. Rather we must assimilate the two, the mother and the woman, in order to become a better version of the whole. If there is one thing I have learned it is that it is so important to nurture both these identities through finding a balance in ourdaily life’s rhythms. Because even if these days I rock a toddler on my hip, I know some things will stay the same—like my signature red lipstick and killer heels.  

In other words we must tend to our families but also ourselves, stoking the fires that inspire our passions—whether it means carving out an hour a day to read a book or taking a yoga class once a week. Or maybe keeping a blog. ;) 

When you find that balance the rest of your world comes together and you realize that the mother and woman in you are just two parts of the same whole.

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