Mar 7, 2014

Noah loves playing with my hair while he nurses and always manages to make it look like I just got out of bed. Wearing a braid helps keep his damage to a minimum!

eating | lots of turkey sandwiches.
drinking | water, water, and more water.
practicing | positivity & surrender. 
mastering | going to the gym!Yoga is my favorite!
learning | to be content wherever we are.
listening | to toddler whines and trying to be patient! 
watching | an episode of Sherlock Holmes a night with the hubs. 
finishing | organizing Noah's closet and getting rid of things we don't use.
reading | Ann Voskamp's 1000 Gifts.
wearing | the same pair of jeans over and over again. Might need to go shopping!
cooking | caramelized Salmon and loving it!
working | on trying to create a "brand" for my blog. No more randomness!
traveling | nowhere and it feels good!
wanting | Noah's month-long molar teething journey to be done so I can get some sleep!

The blog has had quite a week this week! If you haven't been around, here's what you missed...

+ I talked about what it feels like to have a rough day as a mom and need to recenter.

+ I featured Samantha Black's shop, Anchors of Hope Designs and have a giveaway for you to enter!

+ Kirstin from These Moments Called Life and I hosted our very first Total Truth Thursday! We had a good link-up turnout and would love for you to read what it's all about and join us on the rest of our topics.


  1. the first molars were awful for us too! I hope it ends quickly for you! For us the 2nd molars have been mostly unnoticeable so wishing you luck in the future!

  2. i love that photo! also, a turkey sandwich sounds delicious!

  3. Firs to fall, this photo... oh my, so sweet!!!

    And also, Sherlock is our favorite!!!! It is SO GOOD!
    Happy weekend! :)

  4. This picture is stunning. I love it. So, so precious.

  5. Hoping you guys get past the molars soon. I remember what those days were like for us and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy, lol. Have a great weekend, friend!

  6. so many of those things sound so similar to my life right now. Except for the salmon... but I should make it apart of my life because it sounds amazing!

    Isn't it the sweetest how your baby can "style" your hair so quickly? A braid seems to work best for me too, but even then he gets his little fingers in there and pulls and eats it. Maybe I should try a nicer braid like the one you have in your picture! so pretty! :)

  7. I am new to your blog, but I have followed your sister for a while now. :) Will be new to following you now! :)

  8. Hey... Just a question. Why do you feel like you need to create a brand for your blog? I'd be interested to know what that means to you and also what you mean when you say no more randomness. Is there something wrong with random blog topics? I keep seeing people talk about the importance of branding yourself, but I don't know if I totally agree. My blog is super random I think, and it don't really have a "brand." I'd be interested to know what your thoughts are as far as branding and randomness goes.

    1. That is confusing isn't it? When I say "brand', I mean a general look and feel to each post, not really content.

      For example, I think you do this really well. Your pictures and graphics are usually the same shape, same color family, same style, and same fonts. They flow with your overall blog design. A lot of other bloggers are great at this. I haven't really found fonts or a style that works with my blog. I've switched it up too much, so I feel like there's no flow to my post designs. See what I mean?

  9. Branding can be rough... I'm still in between figuring out where I want to go with things too. :)

  10. Great minds think alike! I did a currently post today on my blog before I read this one! :) Too funny. Love your thoughts. Hope that toddler is being nice to you today.