Around the House

Mar 10, 2014

1// I love these barn wood shelves Michael put up for me. The brackets are from Ikea and give them a fun industrial feel. 

2// This kitchen scale was a Christmas gift from my mom and I'm seriously in love with it. We usually put out fruit in it, but it occasionally holds napkins, too. I love the feel it brings to my kitchen.

3// My piano is one of my most prized possessions. I don't put too much on top of it, but I love this simple stack of some of my music and this little beehive trinket holder from Target. 

4// This is what Noah's play area looks like most of the time. The basket in the corner makes it so much easier to contain the mess when it needs to be put up and hidden. 

5// I love this old coke crate. It used to belong to my parents but I took it from home when I moved. It used to act as a little side table, but now it holds a few blankets for the living room. 

6// I love this little collage in Noah's room. I made all of the graphics myself and enjoyed putting it together. "Forever Young" lyrics are in the large black frame and used to make me sob when I was newly postpartum!

These are just a few of my favorite little spots in our home. I feel like my style is constantly changing as I'm exposed to new ideas, and I have fun adding, moving around, and changing things as I'm inspired. 

What keeps you inspired when it comes to home decor?


  1. LOVE the idea of the scale to hold fruit! What a neat idea :)

  2. I adore the frame collage! The song 'Forever Young' was my daughter's song, the lyrics are great, aren't they?

  3. love your home :) my favorite snap shot is in the kitchen, so dreamy!

  4. Your house is beautiful! I love your decor style!

  5. Love your style, it's so warm, cozy and inviting. Enjoyed stopping by Kelsea, happy week to you!

  6. What a fun idea to have a real scale in the kitchen. I never thought of doing that before - so cool!

  7. the scale is awesome and love the coke crate!

  8. such pretty pieces around your house! I love them all, and that scale is pretty nifty :)

  9. I love your kitchen scale! My cousin has one and I stare at it all the time when we are at her house. I felt like I was half way there when I got a vintage postal scale. I love your crates too! We decorate with a lot of crates. My decorating inspiration stems from a visual/organizational mind. I love clean cut lines that are refreshing. I've been staring at our office for months studying our walls and furniture as I decide how to make it pretty.