fire, sticks, & a favorite coffee house

Feb 25, 2014

This past weekend we took advantage of the warmer temperatures and got some much-needed vitamin D. Michael has been clearing the woods next to our house and cleaning up brush from a bad storm we had a few months ago, and Noah and I gave him some company and a little help. Noah loved being outside. "Out-tide" is one of the few words he can say pretty clearly. His eyes light up when he hears the word and he even knows the sign for it without us saying the word aloud. 

It is so fun to see the full boy come out in Noah. He's constantly exploring, digging his fingers into the dirt, treading twigs and logs to get where he's going, and making piles of sticks and crunchy leaves. It feels good to back off and let him enjoy the outdoors, getting as messy as he wants. I'm proud of the dad Noah has - one who will eventually teach him all the skills he needs to know. They'll be splitting logs, engineering ways to cut down trees, identifying snakes, and all that other good stuff men do in the woods.

I see a different side of my husband when he's outdoors- a happier version. He's in his element and I love it. Of course, what wife doesn't love watching her husband attack logs with a heavy ax? But I'll keep the rest of my thoughts to myself. It's been fun to dream with him lately about our future homestead, partly because I know he's so good at all of that stuff - the building, digging, fires, and all of that. The animal stuff we'll have to figure out together!

On Monday morning we had an appointment for our vehicle in Nashville and decided to make a day of it. We enjoyed breakfast and coffee at Fido, one of our favorite places in Hillsboro Village. Their breakfast options are amazing and I loved their gluten-free chocolate chip pancakes! Noah is getting better at feeding himself with our "grown-up" utensils, but still manages to fling some of his food onto the floor.

Weekends with my little family are the times I look forward to the most. Actually, anytime we're all together works for me, even if we stay inside and do nothing. I've been able to sit back lately, push all the darkness away, and see the joy of everyday. And it feels really good.


  1. pretty pretty pictures! Oh, I wish it was warm enough for us to even venture outside to start a fire to keep warm by! It sounds like you had the perfect weekend! and, your pictures captured it so well! :)

  2. Looks like it was a fabulous weekend!!! :-) And "But I'll keep the rest of my thoughts to myself" made me giggle.

  3. Beautiful post! Well written and beautifully photographed!! I love that Noah says "out-tide." Ah, so adorable!! Can't wait for things like that with my little man.

  4. Hey Kelsea, I'm back at blogging. Your little man is getting so big! Excited to be reading your blog again.

  5. Your photos are so beautiful! I love the pancake one. You all looks like you had such a lovely time.