this dance | a poem

Feb 13, 2014

your hand envelops mine,
we exchange thoughts without saying a word.

a decade of this dance,
stumbling, floating, our turns around this floor.

a give and take and give,
filling and pouring out our cups again.

we have braided our threads,
in passion, in trial, in home, then in birth.

i lay and hear your breath,
and absorb the warmth of your beating heart.

we dream, we dance, we fill,
i smile and pray our adventure takes years.

I'm excited to be linking up with Samantha at Elah Tree for her first installment of The Artist Guild. Today's task is "write a poem", so in honor of Valentine's Day and my handsome husband, I tried my hand at getting creative with words. Find more creativity from others at the link-up! 


  1. Great poem, such great imagery it gives!


    1. And apparently I can't spell my name this morning....that should be an "a" :)


  2. This is so great! I love it! I love this line, "and absorb the warmth of your beating heart." So sweet!

  3. This poem is beautiful! Also, I think you need to show off more wedding pics. Now I REALLY want to see your whole dress. It looks like it was gorgeous!

  4. Oooo that's a sexy poem. And the picture is perfect for it. I love this! PS I'm joining up with the linkup too. I'm looking forward to see all the stuff you (and the others) are going to post in the future. In fact, I'm going to follow you so I don't miss what you post next month!

  5. Totally random extra comment: I love your blog design. I have a list of "blog designs I like" for when my husband lets me PAY someone to design my blog! Haha, so I'm going to add yours to the list... I need to give the designer inspiration. :)

  6. I like the last line. An adventure that takes years. That's what I pray for too :)