MADE SERIES 03 // Leah Martinez: Beautifully Molded

Feb 5, 2014

Leah Martinez is a Texas girl with a passion for the Pacific North West. She's a mother to three kiddos with a passion for the arts, painting, dancing, and acting. She is a believer who strives to live her life loving and encouraging others. She's joined me today as the third installment in my Made Series to introduce her Etsy shop, Beautifully Molded, and answer a few questions about how she got started and what inspires her!

When did you start your business/open up shop?
I started my shop December of last year after feeling extremely overwhelmed with my day job not allowing me to express my creativity. The insurance industry doesn't love much room for art and creating, and I needed something that I could pour out all my creativity into. For years, I have doodled and painted but never did anything with it other than decorate my home with my art. When my job held a craft show onsite, I bought a spot and sold some items. It was so exciting! That brought the exhilarating feeling of being able to sell my work and knew then I wanted to pursue selling my art and designs.

What is the story behind your business/shop name?
Beautifully Molded is also my blog name and I knew I wanted to streamline my brand with the same name. When I began my blog, I wanted to share my story of what God is doing and has done in my life, molding and refining me to be who He wants me to be, one beautiful step at a time. In the same way, I would like my work to reflect that; each piece being molded from a blank piece of canvas/board/paper into encouraging art.

Who has been your biggest encourager?
I've absolutely been to have my family as my encouragers. From my children giving me little pep talks when I stand back and look at piece trying to decide if I like it or not, to my sister constantly reminding me to go for it. It can get difficult putting yourself out there and having people judge your work, but in the words of my oldest son 'you may think nobody will like it, but you don't really know what others will think, unless you just do it.' it's crazy how kids can sometimes think, huh?
What inspires your creativity?
As an artist, coming unto a rut of creativity is a real buzz kill. When that happens, being outdoors helps volumes. It helps when it's a beautiful day, but nonetheless nature provides so much inspiration to create. loving music, listening to it will also get the creative juices flowing! 

What is your favorite item from your shop?
My favorite item from the shop has to be the hanging canvas calendars. I loved working with the canvas and making a pretty piece that could be used all year round. I currently have the Deer design at my work desk.  
I agree with Leah- my favorite thing from her shop is the Deer canvas calendar. I love that Leah's kids are so supportive, and from the sounds of it, pretty smart! It takes a lot to get a business up and running, especially when your artistic skills are on display. I love that Leah took the leap and she now has an amazing shop to show for it!

You can find her shop, blog, and social media accounts here | BLOG//SHOP//INSTAGRAM//TWITTER

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  2. Wishing her all the best in her new endeavor! So sweet of you to feature her.........enjoyed the post!