Five on Friday

Feb 28, 2014

one | My baby got his hair cut for the first time! It was so exciting! He woke up Wednesday morning with what looked like dreads forming on the back of his head. His mullet has slowly been getting longer and longer and I knew it was time. I took him to the girl who cuts my hair and she did a great job! Noah sat still on the chair for her, played with my phone most of the time, and only got distracted a few times. She asked if I wanted to save some of his hair, and we tried, but it's so thin that it was hard to get a good little collection. And let's just get real, alright? I'd have shoved the hair in a plastic baggie and probably not run across it again until the day he moves out. I've heard mamas talk about how emotional it was for them to see their baby's hair cut off, but it was so fun and I really wasn't emotional about it. He looks so handsome and now his crazy hair might be a little bit more manageable!

. two | I love this little video of my dad with Noah. Noah just recently learned how to stomp his feet and started doing it when my dad strummed the guitar strings. He is such a musical little booger. I cannot wait to see how that comes out as he gets older! 

three | Noah's first birthday was three months ago and I'm just now getting around to sharing about it! We did an all-American vintage boy theme and I think it turned out well. It was a cold day so we took the party indoors to my dad's garage. With all of his old tools and signs, it kind of helped add to the theme! We did simple, classic foods like BBQ in a crockpot, mac & cheese, and gluten-free applesauce cake and chocolate chip cookies. Noah's cake was gluten-free as well, but as you can see I kind of failed at making a healthy icing. I had my mom whip up some of her delicious butter cream icing and we sparingly spread it around his mini cake. It looked awful but I think it tasted really great! By the end of the party Noah was running around in his white collared shirt and his diaper and needed a good nap. I'd say it was a success! A huge thanks to my mom who took pictures while I was busy feeding my hungry boy!

four | Sometimes I wish my sister lived closer so I could raid her closet. Don't get me wrong, I wish she lived closer for other, more important reasons. But I miss having fun alternatives that I don't have to pay for! She always has the cutest tops and dresses and, unlike when we were little, now lets me borrow them freely. I took for granted being able to walk right down the hall and into another closet full of different options when I lived at home!

five | Yesterday, my friend Kirstin and I issued an invitation to the blogging world! We're hosting a fun new link-up called Total Truth Thursdays! Ever wanted a safe place to be completely honest about your opinions? That's what we're hoping to create with this! With a prompt for every Thursday, we can all throw in our two cents on a particular subject and be challenged, stretched, and even encouraged by each other. Go HERE to read all about it. We hope you'll consider joining us next week! 

Today,  I'm linking up with the Five on Friday gals - Natasha, Darci, April, and Christina!


  1. That haircut is too cute! Love it!

  2. Cute, cute hair cut and what a good boy to sit still.

    Fun b'day party and very original for sure!

    Going to check out your new meme, sounds like fun!!

  3. Your little man is so cute! Happy first birthday and happy first hair cut to him. It's interesting to hear how each Mom reacts to their child's first haircut.

    I like your new link-up! I'll have to join in some (but I'm still a little scared) #honest

  4. He looks like such a little man now. :) So hard to see them change right in front of your eyes.