Feb 14, 2014

Noah & I made a visit to Virginia this week and came just in time to get snowed in with my parents. It's been wonderfully relaxing and fun taking Noah out to experience the snow.
Lately, I've been....

eating | terribly.
drinking | our first good batch of Kombucha. Blueberry is my favorite!
practicing | letting go of things I can't control.
mastering | the art of cooking with stainless steel. 
learning | patience for things I really, really want.
listening | to 'Say Something' by A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera, and 'Poison & Wine' by Civil Wars.  
playing | in the snow with Noah.
finishing | a present for my sister's birthday.
watching | the Olympics! Go USA!
wearing | my comfy Minnetonka slippers. 
cooking | gluten-free pasta that tastes like the real thing. Score!
working | on trying to be introspective.
traveling | to a fun family cabin weekend!
wanting | or you to check out my poem & my three gift guides! HIS, HERS, & THE LITTLES.

What have you been ____________ lately? 


  1. I love this picture, he looks so crazy happy!

  2. aww such a happy picture! and friend tell me about it! i've been eating so horrible myself. just this morning i've eaten four chocolates. darn valentine's day! haha.

  3. That's really fun that you made it in time for the snow. Little babies in the snow is really fun.

    I'm just going to declare February as a bad eating month. It's the last 'long' month of winter and for some reason food just gets us through.

  4. Serioulsy. Cooking with stainless steel is an ART. If you ever master it, post some tips :) I still struggle with it after 6 months of owning stainless steel cookware.

  5. Poison & Wine is one of my favorite!