Be Mine Gift Guide | The Littles

Feb 10, 2014

As a new mom, I now view holidays with even more excitement than before. I remember my mom making them feel so magical, and I hope to do that for my kids, too. Don't get me wrong, I definitely believe less is more and fully believe in a somewhat minimalist lifestyle. That's why I put together a little list of completely affordable and practical things for the littles that can mostly be used year 'round, too!


one | "I Woof You!" Divided Plate | Isn't this adorable? Can't they make grown up divided plates?!

two | h&m Henley Shirt | Who doesn't love h&m, first for their style and second for their amazing prices! They have the cutest kids collection!

three | Minnetonka Velcro Back Flap Bootie | Aren't these the cutest? I've seen a ton of moccasins online but with a huge price tag! These are cute, affordable, and really good quality!

four | Fun Books | These are cute little options to read to the kiddos around Valentine's Day. Anyone else grow up reading little critters?

five | YumEarth Organics Lollipops | This is a great alternative to all that junky candy on the store shelves. While these are still sugar, they contain natural fruit extracts and zero artificial flavors or dyes! Yay for no Red #40! 

Some fun & free alternatives:
Mommy & Me Valentine's Craft Time: Just what it sounds like! Get that craft paper, scissors, glue, and glitter and go to town! Make some fun cards for friends and family, and write love letters to each other on the cards you made together! 

Heart-Shaped Baking: What kid doesn't love getting fun-shaped goodies? Don't forget the sprinkles!And better yet, bake together!

Love Coupons: Print out some fun "coupons" for your kids that they can redeem with you. "Skip-a-chore", "Ice Cream Treat", and "Bedtime 30 Minutes Later" are just a few that come to mind!

Parent/Kiddo Date Night: I love the idea of having date nights with your kiddos. It gives you a chance to connect with each one individually and helps them feel special with that undivided attention from you. This could be a simple as going to the park for an hour one-on-one or going to get ice cream and going for a walk.

What would you add to this list? 

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  1. I always loved how my mom would make the holidays special too. I am excited to start doing the same thing with my munchkin. I know he's still little and doesn't really understand or get into the whole holiday thing yet, but I think it is still so fun! And like you, I'm all about fun and practical. This year he might get some bath soap or something he needs instead of a bunch of toys and things he doesn't need. But yes, I will be making him a little Valentine gift for sure! I love that little plate you have picked out! It is so cute and perfect for every day use :)

  2. Uh, yeah, totally adorable!! Love so many of the things on this list! Loved Little Critter growing up and they are some of my daughters favorite books now!

  3. love that you try to make holiday celebrations part of a minimalist lifestyle - i agree that it's important to celebrate the small things, and not stay too too far into the marketing of the holidays. also- those little booties are really great :)