Be Mine Gift Guide | For Him

Feb 4, 2014

I know people have their opinions about Valentine's Day. Some call it a marketing ploy. Others think it's silly to have just one day to do something special, when special things should happen more than just once a year. I have to admit, I kind of agree with both of those thoughts. But you know what? I still can't help but get a little giddy around Valentine's Day. I guess they, whoever they are, have got me right where they want me. I love all the pink and red everywhere, the pretty flowers, the thought of that "ideal romantic date night". I'm a sucker for it all. 

I've had some good and some not so good Valentine's Days, and funny enough, they've all been with the same guy! I guess that's what happens when you're high school sweethearts. I've kind of decided that I'm just going to use the day as an extra excuse to show love, because I think I'm really good at it the rest of the year, and why not have fun playing along? 

I had a lot of fun putting this gift guide together. I think there's something that applies to every kind of guy. Of course, I have the guy I know best in mind, but I think that no matter his hobby or personality, your guy could enjoy at least something in this list!
Be My Valentine: For Him
one | fun poster | I love this poster from Urban Outfitters. Michael mountain bikes and I think this could be a fun thing to hang in the garage over his workspace to kind of add some personality to the place. There are tons of other cool posters, too, if your guy isn't into bikes. 

two | Chamberlain's Leather Milk | What guy doesn't love taking care of his car? This all-natural cleaner isn't just for leather but can be used for vinyl, too. 

three | Lifefactory BPA-free Glass Bottle | We try to cut out as much plastic from our daily use as possible. These Lifefactory glass water bottles are awesome, come with a fun silicone sleeve, and look sleek and cool, too.

four | Harry's Winston shave set | This set includes "the finest German-engineered blades, ergonomic-designed handles and a cream designed by the same folks who make the high-end brands, all with a focus on quality". Even if your guy has a beard, he'll probably trim up at some point, right? I love the classic feel of this set.

five | Patagonia Lightweight Chambray Shirt | I love the denim look and this kind of brings the best of both worlds for guys who care about comfort first and fashion second. Michael would rather be comfortable than look the part and Patagonia is all about that! I couldn't convince Michael to wear an actual denim shirt (he thinks stiff, rough, etc) but I think I could convince him to wear something like this! 

I'd also like to note that you can have an amazing Valentine's Day without spending a dime!

Some fun & free alternatives:

Date Night In: Send the kiddos to Grandma's for a few hours, grab your guy, get in the kitchen, and make dinner together! Enjoy some wine, music, and conversation! Or grab his favorite movie and cuddle up!

Love Coupons: You can have silly fun with this, like "You Make Dinner" or "Free Foot Rub", or you can get as racy and spicy as you want, but I'll leave that up to your imagination!

His Favorite Hobby Date: Grab your guy and join him on his favorite hobby? Does he like to hike? Grab your packs, pack a lunch, and go! Bike riding? Pedal away! Find something he enjoys doing and do it with him!

Would your guy like anything in this list? What are your thoughts on Valentine's Day? Have any special plans?

Stay tuned for the "For Her" & "The Littles" edition of Be Mine Gift Guide!


  1. I can agree with both points of view about Valentine's Day, but I like an excuse to spoil my husband :) He would love the Harry's Winston shave set or the Chambray shirt! We are planning to go out the night after Valentine's Day to avoid the crowds :)

  2. Oh, I love that Patagonia shirt. I might just have to surprise Ryan with one of those!

  3. These are great ideas!
    I got J the Harry's set for Christmas and he LOVES it.

  4. Love the poster and the link to all of them at Urban Outfitters. Now the problem is that I want about a dozen of them. And not for my husband . . .

  5. Great gift ideas! I love the water bottle and the shirt. Very nice!