Be Mine Gift Guide | For Her

Feb 7, 2014

Like I said in the first BE MINE Gift Guide | for him, I know everyone has different opinions about Valentine's Day, but I like to keep an open mind. Especially if you're already good at showing love all the other days of the year, why not use this day as a fun "excuse" to show some more love!

If you're into the gifts aspect of Valentine's Day, here are a few things I thought would be nice to get! 


one | Stella & Dot Paloma Stacked Ring | I love the idea of jewelry, but I think spending outrageous amounts of money just because is kind of old. I don't want something I only feel right wearing to a special occasion, but rather something I can wear with several different outfits that is equal parts subtle and stands out enough to be noticed.

two | Anthropologie Painted Poppies iPhone Case | Who wouldn't love a cute new case for their phone? Anthro has some fun ones to choose from so you can really pick according to her style!

three | Merona Cross-body Handbag | Black & white is so timeless. I love a good cross-body bag, too. Unfortunately I don't get too much use out of anything not big enough to double as a diaper bag, but something like this could even work for a day out in town.

four | J. Crew Silk Pajama Pant & Amour Tee | Who doesn't love pajamas that make them feel luxurious? I love lingerie, but let's get real- who hangs out in that stuff every night? I think this set is a step up from flannel when you're feeling like pampering yourself (and don't worry, there are tons of silk pajamas out there without that outrageous price tag!).

five | Massage Gift Certificate & Honest Co. Aromatic Soy Candle | I think if I had to pick one of these, a massage would beat out the rest. Especially if the gift is for a mom. Trust me- she needs this. An hour to herself with light music, amazing massage, and aromatherapy? WIN.

Some fun & free alternatives:

Date Night In: Drop the kids with Grandma or put them to bed early, then grab the wine, make some dinner, and enjoy her favorite movie and a treat while cuddled on the couch!

Love Letters: A heartfelt, mean-every-word type of love letter trumps diamonds and chocolate any day!

Detail her car: This is a weird one, I know, but it is one of those things that needs to be done and that she's probably rarely got time (or desire) to do! It's probably too cold to wash it, but a nice interior detail would be so appreciated!

Bring Breakfast in Bed: Start the day off right and just go the extra mile to make her feel special and appreciated!

 What about you? What would you add to the list?


  1. Great ideas! I love that cross body bag, but I especially love the free options you listed. I agree a hand written letter that he truly means is priceless!

  2. These are all gifts that I would LOVE to get! Gotta send my guy this link ;)

    xoxo Jess
    Foreign Room

  3. Visiting from the link up. Looking forward to reading more about Noah.