Feb 15, 2014

7/52: Noah's first time in the snow.

Noah and I spent a few days in Virginia last week visiting family and picking up a new-to-us vehicle to take back home. While we were there, it snowed like crazy and we were able to enjoy around 18 inches! It came up to Noah's waist on the second day. We could tell he really loved being outside and was mesmerized by the falling snow, but he wasn't really sure what to do. He mostly just stood there, smiled and clapped, and occasionally fell back on his butt on purpose. It was quite a task to get him in the snow suit, gloves, and boots, mostly because he was so excited to go outside that he didn't want to wait or sit still for us! We were snowed in with my parents and aside from a few moments of boredom, really had a nice time being "forced" to relax.


  1. I love babies in snow... and water too.. but there's something about them exploring the snow :) So sweet!

  2. So cute that you got to be a part of his first experience with snow!

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  4. Yes, we were forced to relax last week with an ice storm. But, it likewise caused me to be most productive. Cute pics and what fun!

  5. Kids in the snow are super cute! My nephew played in the snow for the first time over Christmas and at the end he did the biggest face plant and cried and cried. It was the saddest cutest thing ever.