Feb 3, 2014

5/52: Our sweet boy hanging out on our bed. We have a King-size bed and he goes crazy with all that room to wiggle around. I finally got him still enough to get a clear shot, and as soon as the camera clicked he was off again rolling around and throwing himself into the pillows.

I haven't done an update on Noah in awhile and thought it would be fun to highlight some things!

+ Noah is now walking about as much as he crawls. It took him awhile to get the hang of it, and he still is faster crawling than walking, but he's getting more confident everyday.

+ Noah's sign language skills are really improving and he's starting to understand what he's saying and what we're responding with or asking. He knows how to tell us "eat", "bath", "finished", "bed" or "sleep", "brush teeth", "outside", "boobies" (sign for milk), and "da-da" (although instead of signing it like we show him with all his fingers spread out and his thumb against his head, he balls his fist instead which is the sign for "dumb". At least he's got the location right!).

+ He will eat just about anything unless it is green (with the exception of green beans) or fish.

+He STILL tries to wiggle out of every single diaper change.

+ His favorite song is "Wheels On the Bus" and he can hum along with me for most of the song and do some of the hand motions.

+ He makes a mad dash for the fridge and the dishwasher every time he hears it open.

+ He loves our iPad and iPhones and always, always seems to find the Facetime app, even when we hide it in the 2nd page of a folder on the last page!

+ He hates sleep and has a tired mommy.

+ He's still nursing a few times a day and several times during the night. I don't think he'll be self-weaning anytime soon!

+ He is the most expressive baby I've ever met. The faces this guy has are endless and we can definitely always see some kind of emotion on his face.

+ He plays really well independently and seems to have an outgoing, open personality.

I've always loved being his mommy, but especially lately it has been so much fun. Even if we stay home all day and don't do a whole lot, I still go to bed feeling like we had so much fun together. I miss him as soon as he goes to bed (although trust me, I enjoy the break!). I love being mommy to our sweet, growing boy.


  1. Super cute photo! Our LO loves our bed too:) I love how his hair is tucked behind his ears so sweet!

  2. He is seriously expressive and I just love how much he likes people. I can only imagine the behind the scenes comments about the daddy/dumb sign! : ) I will certainly be tempted to make a few of my own. Thankfully, there won't be similar "irony" with the grandpa sign .... right? Thanks for the post. Love.

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  4. These project 52 posts are so much! I really enjoy seeing the pictures. Very cute.