sunflowers, a birthday, and 25 things

Jan 6, 2014

Scarf: AE // Chambray Shirt: Old Navy // Jeans: H&M // Moccasins: Minnetonka Back Zipper Hardsole
Today, I turned 25. It was a super special birthday and I felt so special and very loved. Over Christmas vacation in Virginia, our families threw me a little birthday party where they gifted me with my new camera so I could get a head start on taking pictures! They all chipped in and I was so touched.

 I've written before about how great birthdays were when we were kids, and one of my favorite memories is when my mom would hang streamers outside of our door and around the house for us to wake up to the morning of our birthday. I've missed that and I talk about it a lot to Michael. Well, this morning Michael took Noah and let me sleep in a little. When I finally got up and opened the door, streamers were hanging from the door frame and draped from side to side down the hallway. There was even a "happy birthday" banner. Is that not the sweetest?! 

M's brother Will and his girlfriend Jenny went out in the freezing cold weather to get donuts and they all three gave their best version of the birthday song and let me blow out candles on the chocolate one with sprinkles. Several calls from lovely family members, a few DIY projects done around the house, some sunflowers bought at the grocery store, a bouquet of flowers delivered from my in-laws, and a delicious dinner later and my love bucket is just full to the brim. 

The past six months have been a pretty significant turning point for me in a lot of ways. And with that has come a new perspective on many things. In honor of my birthday and the 25 years of living I've done, I wanted to write out a list of 25 things I've learned along the way (I got this idea from my sweet friend, Susannah from Simple Moments Stick!)

1. There's a big ol' world out there and it isn't limited to my experiences.

2. "Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands. They just don't!"

3. God speaks to different people in different ways.

4. It's okay to say "no" and set boundaries.

5. Brussel Sprouts are actually good!

 6. God loves me infinitely more than I love Noah. Whoa, perspective.

 7. Society's standards on pretty much everything are skewed.

8. No, your man cannot read your mind.

9. Not everyone will like you, no matter how hard you might try. It's beneficial to move on.

10. Hard work does pay off.

 11. That thing you've just got to have isn't going to fulfill you.

12. Don't ever think you can change a man. Ever. Because you can't.

 13. Not all authority has your best interest in mind.

14. Skipping out on a prayer conference to see NYC is sometimes worth it.

 15. Sometimes the people who are the meanest are the ones that are hurting the most.

16. You'll always regret that intentionaly hurtful thing you said.

 17. Mom was so right.

 18. There's something to be said for good quality, even if it does cost a bit more.

19. I have a biological weakness for baked goods.

20. There are some things we weren't meant to know this side of Heaven.

21. Some friendships only last a season, and that's okay.

22. Don't be afraid to ask for professional help.

23. I can do hard things. Like this & this.

24. You never know what someone is struggling with. Remember the grace God has given you and extend the same.

25. God's timing is best, no matter how hard the wait.

There you have it! That was a harder list to compile than I thought!

You know, as I sit here, my mind reeling, I can't help but be excited about this year and about the future. I've had trouble feeling that excitement in the last two years.And as odd as this may sound, I'm excited about the past. Why? Because for the first time in a long time I'm able to see some of what God has been doing up to this point, and I'm able to see the good that He brought out of some not so good situations. I feel Hope stirring and change coming and I just want to stand surrendered, with arms open, ready for the next wave. Ready for what He has this year, and really, this life.

Thank you, Lord, for another year to discover You and Your purpose.


  1. Love this list! Happy Happy Birthday!!!

  2. How beautiful!! I am LOVING your shoes! Happy belated Bday! Glad I found your blog, and am now following you on bloglovin! Would just love if you followed me back!

    1. Ps I am also putting your button on my page:) hope we can be friends!

  3. Wow! What a great list full of truthful things. Happy Birthday! It sounds like it was special. I'll also be turning 25 this year...perhaps I'll have to compile a similar list for my blog, though I still have 6 months to think of ideas :) I am loving those sunflowers, too. So pretty!

  4. Amazing list! Such wisdom - I too have learned many of these things. Priceless lessons!

  5. Happy, happy birthday! January birthdays are the best (mine's in a couple weeks!). I love this list and how very true they all are. Hope you have a fantastic year :)

  6. What a great list! Happy Birthday!

  7. How fun to write all the things you have learned in your 25 years! My favorite is "Mom was so right." So true :)
    xo TJ

  8. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful birthday!!! I'm impressed that Michael did the streamer thing. That's awesome!!! :-) And I LOVED reading your list! I love and am so honored that you "stole" my idea!!! :-)

  9. Sounds like such a happy birthday! What a great idea to list out things you have learned, you have a good list going. And what a sweet birthday gift for you, I got one just like that for Christmas and I am in love with it! :) Happy birthday!

  10. Happy birthday to you! I turned 25 yesterday too =D

  11. Happy birthday!! Love your scarf

  12. Happy Birthday, beautiful!! Love the photos!

  13. Such a beautiful post. Happy belated Birthday!

  14. Happy Belated Birthday Friend! Glad it went so well! :)
    Love the list and lessons you've learned. Happy Weekend!