MADE SERIES 02 // Regina Morrrison: Acute Designs

Jan 23, 2014

Today, I'm excited to introduce you all to the second small business owner to be featured in my Made Series. I kicked this series off two weeks ago and got an amazing response to Rachel's shop, Drawn to Design, and an even greater response to the invitation! I've got some amazing women lined up and am glad to be getting to introduce them to you! 
Today's small business owner is Regina Morrison, the designer and owner of {Acute Designs}, a handmade accessories company that specializes in modern jewelry and hair accessories for everyday or special occasion wear.
 I really enjoyed her answers to our Q&A:

When did you first open up shop?
I started in the Fall of 2009  but didn't take it too serious the first year. My business really started to take off once I put in a lot of work. I wish it was easier, but it really just takes hard and smart work. 

What is the story behind your shop name?
No story friend came up with it. 

Who has been your biggest encourager?
My husband and family and friends who promote me to their family and friends and sometimes to strangers!

What inspires your creativity?
Everything- a beautiful show or movie (like Downton Abbey), magazines, blogs, Instagram, Pinterest, antique shops, thrifting trips, and so much more.

What is your favorite item from your shop?
I have a lot of new designs coming out around February 1st and I feel like all of them are my favorite! My current favorite that is actually in the shop right now is the blush leaf crown. So simple and pretty- if I was getting married again, I would wear it!  
Aren't those headbands adorable? I fell in love with her shop as soon as I opened up the page! I love how modern the jewelry is and how dainty and delicate the head pieces are. I agree with Regina, if I were getting married again, I'd absolutely sport one of those headbands! 

Aside from being the shop owner, Regina takes care of her two pups, hates air conditioning, loves her dreamer husband, and got married in Ireland! Want to know some more fun facts about Regina? Go to her "About Me" page to learn more! 

You can find more of Regina & her shop here: 

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  1. The items in her shop are gorgeous!

  2. lovely items! everything is so pretty. love the natalie II crown!

  3. What a fun series! This shop is so fun, I'm loving the earrings!

  4. thanks for the feature, kelsea!