links to love // happy thoughts

Jan 17, 2014

+ I love stories about kindness from the unexpected.

+ I love reminders of how God speaks to us and fulfills the things he puts on our hearts.

+ This playlist by Kelly Ann is amazing! Listen

+ I'm making these muffins at some point this weekend- pure deliciousness! 

+ This isn't really all that happy, but kind of beautiful.

+ Let's consider our words carefully this weekend. 

This weekend we've got a few things on the books- visiting a huge train exhibit at the local state park, going to the Frist Center in Nashville to see the Norman Rockwell exhibit (postponed from last weekend!), and finally bringing Noah's train table from his Papi into the house so he can play with the trains M's parents got him! We're going to relax, I'm going to sleep in (because M is so good about playing with Noah in the mornings), and I'm going to try some fun new recipes. Today, a friend and her son are coming over, and I've got to clean my floors before the babies crawl around on it!

Have a wonderful weekend, friends.


  1. those black and white pictures of animals are so beautiful

  2. oh wow, those muffins look delicious! They make me want to go make some right now. What is it that makes a muffin so delightful? I love them. I hope you get to make them and enjoy munching on them this weekend!

  3. OH-mg. Those muffins look so good!! I'm gluten free & always searching for something to make since I can't eat bread, and those look perfect! Yum!

    Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned :)