House Update: Guest Bedroom

Apr 8, 2013

Our house isn't very big. And that's okay with us, but one of the downsides is small bedrooms. We have visitors quite often and it's important to us that they're comfortable and have a nice space of their own while here. 

I've been making updates to our house from Day One, big and small, and consider this only progress. We originally had a bright duvet cover from Pottery Barn on the guest bed, a grey rug from Ikea, and a layout that left little space in the room. It's a tiny room anyways, and with a queen size bed and the dresser we have, there is only one way the bed can be placed. That left me fooling with the dresser placement and I really like how moving it from one wall to the other opened up some floor space and hopefully will leave our guests feeling like they actually have some room to move around. 

The Before...
The After...

With a paint job out of the options right now, I wanted to try to work with the current wall color. The duvet is from West Elm and the pillows I got from World Market last year. I'd still love to add a headboard, but I have to remind myself to take things one at a time and be content! Overall, it's a calmer, more mature look and I like the direction it's going!