wait, what day is it?

Dec 17, 2013

This entire weekend has thrown me off. Michael worked 15 hours on Saturday and he's usually off Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. So Saturday felt like a Friday waiting on Michael to get home to start the weekend, Sunday felt like Saturday, and today just felt off. I found myself wondering on more than one occasion what day it was and trying to calculate it based on the previous week, or how many days we have until we leave for Virginia.

To throw me off even more, we had our family Christmas yesterday morning. It's over a week until Christmas, but it was the only morning Michael would be here before we leave. And I think Michael was pretty excited, because I got a lot of pressuring comments like, "Let's do Christmas now!" as early as a few weeks ago! Michael and I gave ourselves a small budget for each other this year since we're trying to pay off student loans (alllmoooostt ttherrrree!) and so it just happened to work out that we were with each other when we bought each other's Christmas gifts. That, or we just ordered it ourselves. So there really was no surprise and we thought it silly to wrap what we already know we got! So it really was just exciting to watch Noah!

You might have noticed that Noah's bed is on the floor. I've got an entire post coming up about how we're slowly transitioning to a Montessori type environment for our kiddos, and sleeping is part of it!
Noah really didn't rip into the gifts, he kind of just got a hold of them through the half-way unwrapped paper and slung them around. I don't think he gets that you're supposed to unwrap it all the way, quite yet. I think next year will only be even more fun!
Other than having Christmas early, and being confused on the days, we spent some time in Nashville grabbing dinner at one of our favorite gourmet burger places, Burger Up. I'm serious, if you're ever in Nashville, you've got to go there (and call me up, so I can meet you and enjoy it with you!). We also made a trip to the Opryland hotel to see all of their amazing Christmas decorations. It's breathtaking! You could be there for hours, shop, walk around, eat every meal at a different restaurant, and have spent your whole day in the same building. It's massive. Sadly, there were so many people that it was easier to snap pictures with my iPhone than my DSLR, but I'm still going to share those pictures soon! 

I'm off to make lists, meet some friends for a playdate at the library, and get an early start on packing for our week long Christmas vacation! So excited! 

How have you been enjoying the Christmas season so far?


  1. Have a great Christmas vacation! I'm really looking forward to hearing more about the transition to Montessori environment at home.

  2. The picture of you and Noah with the spoon in your mouth is so funny!! Merry Christmas, friend! Many blessings to you and your family!!

  3. i love watching babies open presents! that is too cute he didn't unwrap it all the way. so sweet. hope you enjoy every minute with your loved one Kelsea!

  4. Have a Merry Christmas and safe travels!

  5. Beautiful photos. Looks like a lovely little celebration. I can't wait to read about your Montessori transition!

  6. We used to do Christmas early as well, in order to travel to visit family for the holidays! It was always kind of fun and special opening presents early :) but yes, definitely disorienting! Love the last photo, he looks so precious.