Ringing in the New Year, hermit-style

Dec 31, 2013

Tonight, we're ringing the new year in style- in our pajamas, at home, just the three of us, with two glasses of champagne, some snack food, and football on tv. It was actually M's idea to stay up and he's usually in bed by 9. We're making progress here! He even went out to get some champagne and snacks and sounded halfway excited about staying up to ring in the new year together.

Noah went to sleep easily and now it's M and I in for the long haul! Last year we were apart on New Years Eve and it was awful. I cried and made a resolution to never do it again. Tonight, I'm going to cuddle up to my handsome husband, crochet something, eat too many crackers and cheese, make room for some champagne, and kiss at midnight, all the while praying Noah stays asleep!

In true fashion to all things New Year, I've been thinking a lot about this past year. Here's a little recap.

In 2013....
- We learned what it meant to be a family of three. 
- We took two big trips that required flying and Noah did great! 
- Noah and I tagged along with Michael on six business trips.
- We did some camping!
- We drove to Virginia four times. 
- We met new friends.
- We struggled.
- We celebrated two years of marriage!
- We pinched pennies while we threw chunks of money at our student loans.
- We lived below our means.
- We celebrated being homeowners for one year in July.
- Noah took his first steps.
- Noah turned one!
- I dealt with depression and worked through what "being mommy" looks like for me. 
- We grew our second, as unsuccessful as the last, garden.
- We got news we'd be moving closer to our family, then told to wait, and are now told it might not happen. 
- The blog got a redesign
- I wrote Noah's Birth Story (part one & two)

In 2014 I want to....
- pay off our student loans (March, people! We're so close!)
- get chickens & raw milk. 
- make Kombucha.
- take better care of myself (getting dressed and ready for the day, taking pride in my appearance)
- be content with less stuff.
- be a better encourager to M.
- surrender each day to God and choose joy.
- be fully present with Noah instead of being on my phone.
- be intentional about parenting a toddler. 
- practice my sewing skills.
- cook new recipes.
- take more pictures. 
- love others, even strangers, more intentionally. 
- get outside more with my family (and stop being scared of spiders and bees!)
- crochet a full blanket. 
- assume less.
- Blog ahead of time!
- stop gossiping & speak edification.
- complete steps 3 & 4 of Dave's plan
- figure out if we're moving or staying! 

We've had a full, abundant year and I'm looking forward to another one! 

What about you? What's something you're looking forward to this year? 


  1. I want chickens so bad! Wishing you a great New Year!

  2. Student loans, I feel ya! Surrender each day to God and choose joy is my favorite. Beautiful accomplishments and goals!

  3. <3 Your plans for the new year sound fabulous!!! I hope you enjoyed your quiet night at home, ringing in the new year. :-)