Intentionality at Christmas: Noah's "Something Tos"

Dec 6, 2013

Yesterday I started my Intentionality at Christmas series and kicked it off by talking about how we've decided to do gifts! I thought it might be fun to show what exactly that looks like for Noah this year.

Untitled #12

WANT | Green Toys My First Tugboat: This little tugboat came in a trial version of Citrus Lane, a monthly subscription box for babies and kids. Noah has so many toys now so I figured I would save it for Christmas! I love that all of the Green Toys products are made in America and from 100% recycled material. He'll have fun playing with this during bath time!

NEED | Skip Hop Zootensils Fork & Spoon: Noah has been able to "feed" himself with a fork for about a month now. And by "feed" I mean stab at his food, occasionally get something on the fork, and then put it in his mouth. Our forks are just too long and a bit heavy for him and I'm not sure why I hadn't thought about getting him some his own size. These also came in the last Citrus Lane box we got and I'm so excited about seeing him use them!

WEAR | H&M Sweatshirt: I know I've gone on and on about H&M's kids' clothing line, but I'm serious- it's amazing. The prices are inexpensive, the clothes are good quality, and the style is adorable. Noah is so hot-natured and is NOT a jacket wearer. It's a battle every time and because it's not safe to wear in the car seat, it's more work taking it on and off in such a short amount of time. A pullover sweatshirt like this is perfect because it wears like a shirt, but adds some warmth, too.

READ | The Very Hungry Caterpillar: I've seen this book in stores and thought it was the cutest! I've not done a good job of reading every day to Noah and I've been trying to be better at that. He loves books with bright colors and I think he'll like this one!

GIVE | Angel Tree: Obviously, Noah isn't old enough to be involved in this part, but Michael and I usually do Angel Tree anyways and wanted to give from Noah, too. I'm usually skeptical of charities but, having worked as a case manager here in our town, I've seen the gifts given go straight to the kids of the community who would otherwise have nothing. I'm excited to eventually work with Noah and the rest of our kids to pick out gifts. 

Don't get me wrong. These won't be the only gifts Noah gets for Christmas, as the rest of our family is always so generous and giving. His birthday and Christmas are so close together and between the two, we have every single base covered and then some! We know that our family finds joy in giving and we'd never take that away! Noah's obviously not old enough to make a list, so I've had fun choosing things for him! I love that there was no stress in trying to find a bunch of different things or pushing our budget to the max. I'm excited about our plan and implementing it has been great so far! 

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  1. too too cute! Glad I found your blog via the link up and hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  2. What a wonderful idea! Love it! I think we all have to remember "balance" is key and of course, the most important "reason for the season." Lovely post!

  3. We also got a tugboat in our Citrus Box...we love it!

  4. What great gift ideas! I love that you're using some things you got in your Citrus Box! Our church takes part in the Angel Tree too and I love it! We're buying a soccerball for a little three year old boy this year. :-)

  5. The Very Hungry Caterpillar! A classic! I loved that book when I was a kid.

  6. The Very Hungry Caterpillar is definitely a must! A classic ;)
    xo TJ