Dec 18, 2013

Want to figure out how to combine those beautiful ingredients to make your house smell ah-mazing with out all the chemicals of a generic candle? Head over to Simple Moments Stick to find the story and the recipe, and be sure to check out her other 12 Days of Christmas posts! 

A few things I'm doing lately...

eating |  a humongous batch of homemade salsa. My mouth is on fire, but it hurts so good!
drinking | chai Tea Latte and here's the best part....with whole milk. Skim's for the birds.
practicing | my communication style for a baby who is transitioning to a toddler.
mastering | changing the diaper of a wiggly one year old.
learning | how to crochet. So far I've got a crooked rectangle.
listening | to sweet little babbles and hums. 
playing | holiday songs on my piano.
finishing | cleaning this house before we leave for vacation.
reading | finishing Bread & Wine by Shauna Niequist and about to start The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult.
walking | does all over the house forgetting what project/chore I was working on last and getting distracted count?
wearing | my new Toms. IN LOVE. Go 'head and a call me a hipster.
cooking | lots of hearty, thick soups to keep us warm.
working | on letting go of having the house perfect and enjoying the moment.
traveling | to Virginia to visit my parents, M's parents, and lots of family and friends.
wanting| to hear something about our move soon.

What are some things you're loving this week? 


  1. Woo! Crocheting is fun :) It gets better, I promise.

  2. "Bread and Wine" looks great! I may need to get it for my upcoming trip!

  3. Love these types of lists. And hearty soups sound delicious right about now!!!
    xo TJ

  4. the only way to warm up seems like a big bowl of hot soup around here too! stay warm and safe travels!

  5. Thanks for sharing on my blog, Kelsea! :-)

  6. I love reading little updates like this about your life! I absolutely love my TOM's. I'm actually looking into getting a new pair :) And homemade salsa sounds so delicious!

  7. I love Toms, they're surprisingly comfy