The Thankful Project | an opportunity

Nov 12, 2013

Today's prompt for The Thankful Project is "an opportunity". 

I was a little stumped by today's prompt! I've had so many amazing opportunities, many of them already talked about on the blog. But then I got to thinking about this little blog, and how even though it sounds silly to call it an opportunity, that's exactly what it has been. 

In college, it was an opportunity to express myself during a time I needed it the most. I was busy, somewhat depressed, confused, and my creativity was stifled. I was able to write freely about what God had been doing around me and what was going on in my life at the time. I was seeing God for who He was and I was overwhelmed by the concept of Grace. Thus, "Overwhelmed by Grace", a title I had up until about two months ago.

After college, it morphed into an outlet I'd escape to whenever I needed a place to get what was inside on the outside, in words. I documented some wedding plans, I talked about our trip to Jamaica, I talked about struggles I was having, and it was an opportunity to get real with whoever was reading, but mostly to get honest with myself. 

Once I got married, the blog was an opportunity to write about life as a newlywed. Writing about things that were going on with us, recipes I was trying (and failing at!), and an avenue for our baby announcements! I was working a job I was burnt out in, navigating married waters, and the blog was my place to hash it all out.

Now, at an even more different place in life than in the past, this blog is an opportunity for me to express myself. I share what's on my heart, what inspires me, what I think is beautiful, what I struggle with, general life news, the latest thing we've done as a family, cute pictures of Noah's squishy butt (kidding, but it is squishy and cute!), and fun, new recipes (that I'm slowly getting better at cooking!).

Out of all of the opportunities this blog has afforded, though, the one I'm most thankful for is the opportunity to be connected with others. Not only am I able to share with people already in my life, but I've been able to meet so many other bloggers and interact with many of you every week. I love the encouragement I receive from comments and emails and the inspiration I receive from reading the words that others have chosen to translate from their hearts to their blogs.

So thanks to all of you who come here, read what I have to say, and are kind enough to give feedback in the form of sweet, encouraging, and sometimes challenging words. I'm thankful for the opportunity this blog has given me to allow our paths to cross.


  1. I'm right there with you! Blogging is such a blessing and I'm so thankful for the community of women I've "met" through my blog.

  2. i agree. blogging is such a great opportunity to engage in. i love it so much as well!

  3. I completely agree! While blogging can be tough at times (trying to find that balance and whatnot), it's so many great and wonderful things: therapy, community, inspiration--the possibilities are endless! I'm so glad you've found blogging to be full of opportunities for you, and I hope it continues to provide you with that :)

  4. I totally agree! One of my very favorite things about blogging has been "meeting" new friends! Some of the girls I've come to know have been amazing and we've really connected. It's unfortunate that we are spread out all over the US! Ps. I love the Thankful project posts. What a great idea!

  5. It's so cool to hear all of the things that this blog has meant to you! I loved reading this :)

  6. Absolutely! I love that blogging has allowed us to connect. It really is an opportunity to meet some amazing people that you wouldn't otherwise have a chance to connect with.

  7. i love your sweet blogging journey!!

  8. I just found your blog, and I love hearing your perspective! It is so true how much connection is provided through blogging.