Whole Stuffed & Baked Apples: Welcoming Fall

Oct 1, 2013

 Fall is one of my favorite seasons. I don't even need an official date or wait on the Fall decorations to start popping up in stores. Nope, all I need is one crisp morning and a few leaves beginning to change and I get excited about everything pumpkin, spice, plum colored nail polish, scarves, and knee-high boots.

Since beginning this no sugar lifestyle, I've had to get creative with recipes to help my sweet tooth while staying healthy. While grocery shopping yesterday, I noticed a beautiful mountain of golden delicious apples and I couldn't help but pick up a few.  I knew I wanted to bake them somehow, so when I remembered baking them whole once with Michael's grandmother, I knew I had to recreate it for myself.
Some of my favorite recipes are ones that you've got in your head, the kind where exact measurements aren't needed because every ingredient is delicious and the more you've got, the better it tastes. Especially when that ingredient is butter. But, I digress. I don't have exact measurements for this, so instead of a typical recipe layout, I'll just tell you what I did with what, and let you make it your own if you give it a shot.
As many apples as people!
Ginger (Candied or Raw)
Pecans (or walnuts, either one)
Butter (I use this kind)
Wine (sweet, preferably. I used Riesling because it's what I had, but I've previously used Port. I preferred the Port.)

>Preheat oven to 375.
>Cut the top off of your apple, just enough to act as a "lid" to stick back on top of the apple later.
>Core the apples and place them in a pan.
>Fill the middle of the apple halfway with your ginger, raisins, and pecans.
>Next, drop in a few small cubes of butter and top the apple off with more ginger, raisins, and pecans.
>Melt some butter in a small bowl and add in as little or as much spice as you like. (I always go heavy on the spices because I love the strong flavors that baking brings out in them.) Mix together and pour into and over each apple. Don't be shy. If your apple doesn't look soaked, add some more.
>If you're really adventurous, go ahead and add a couple more slices of butter on top of the apple.
>Even if you're not a wine drinker, you can't skip this step. Pour about a teaspoon of wine into the middle of each apple before finally putting the tops back on.
>Once you have each apple stuffed, soaked, topped, and in the pan, add about an inch of the wine to the pan.
>Gently place them in the oven so they don't topple over and bake them for at least 45 minutes. A good indication that they're done is when the apple peel has split slightly.

This would be amazing with ice cream, but is delicious by itself, too! 
Doesn't that look delicious? It is seriously melt-in-your-mouth scrumptious. I'll go ahead and admit that I made myself one for lunch yesterday. This is the type of recipe that would be delicious with whatever goodness you have in your fridge and pantry! I'm imaging dried cranberries, pure maple syrup, and some goat cheese next! And for those of you not afraid of some added sweetness, the original recipe called for the apple to be drizzled in honey and brown sugar.

Do you have a special recipe that officially rings in Fall when you make it? 


  1. that looks SO good. i love baked apples. and they're filling too!

  2. Okay, yum!! This looks absolutely delicious. And SO perfect for fall :)

  3. Your blog!!! The new design looks amazing! So exciting!!
    The apples look really good, too by the way. :) But I've been waiting for so long (it seems anyway) to see this go live! Yay!

  4. Oh yum. I want to drizzle warm caramel sauce all over this and eat it with vanilla bean ice cream! Looks amazing.

  5. Oh my goodness!!! These look absolutely heavenly!

  6. Oh, and your new design and blog name is wonderful!! :-)