Weekend Snippit

Oct 28, 2013

This past weekend my parents came to visit and we went to Piney Campground for their annual Halloween festivities. My dad and his twin brother dressed up like walkers from The Walking Dead, Michael and I were pirates, and Noah was the parrot on our shoulder. He was super cute, although he really hated the hat we put on him! The rest of the weekend was spent at the Nashville Flea Market, grabbing lunch at the famous Noshville, and hanging around downtown Dickson. This time with family always makes me look forward to our move a little bit more with each visit. 
How was your weekend? Did you dress up for any Halloween festivities?

And now for the winner of the Sunshine To The Square Inch Giveaway...Congrats Courtney Patterson of Shiraz in my Sippy Cup!  Thanks to everyone who entered and to Beka for being awesome and giving away an item from her shop! Happy Monday!


  1. Cute!! James dressed up as Peter Pan. I can't wait to share the pics. I made the costume and it came out so good he was in Heaven. You guys look adorable!! Love the pirate outfit!!

  2. oh my gosh, that is the cutest costume ever! so precious. I'm not celebrating halloween until next weekend, but my boyfriend and I are going as Alice in Wonderland & the Mad Hatter. Should be fun!

  3. you are just the cutest little pirate with you little parrot!!

    1. Thanks Beth! I think he makes the entire thing that much cuter ;)

  4. I love the costume idea! the parrot is too cute!

  5. A pirate and a parrot??? That's just too cute! :-)

  6. That is the cutest costume idea! Noah may not have liked it but he sure does look adorable in it!

    And WOW!!! You completely made my Monday spectacular! Thank you so much for the wonderful gift! I'm so excited to receive my beautiful bag! Thanks, Kelsea & Beka for hosting such a fun giveaway!


  7. I don't dress up anymore: I guess I can't justify the expense? And I'm not crafty enough to do my own costume. We get Seth a costume, of course. I didn't get one for Hawk this year. There's always something about his costume that Seth won't wear- this year, he won't wear the mask to go with his Batman cape!