the boy needs to roam

Oct 24, 2013

Last weekend while Michael's parents were still here, we spent a couple hours at a local state park. The weather was warm and had drawn others out to enjoy the playground, a game of frisbee football in the field, and several picnics along the stream. 

I don't say this enough- Michael is such a good dad. He whisked Noah away and they explored the slides and the swings. They crawled around on our quilt for awhile, then I tried to keep up as Michael took Noah to the stream to play. Michael's going to be good at that, I can tell...the getting Noah all in on something. There's a stream? Let's go explore and who cares if we get dirty in the process? There's a motor that needs to be taken apart? Here, help me and learn how in the process. And once again, who cares if we get dirty.

 I love that mindset. If there's something to explore, I love knowing that if Michael is there, he'll be right alongside Noah, helping him explore, showing him that he can do it, showing him he'll be okay if his feet get wet, both literally and figuratively, and setting fire to that adventure every boy (and girls, too!) has within him. I want to contribute to that free and curious spirit, as his mom, as much as I can. It's made me want to take advantage of every day that isn't unbearably cold and get Noah outside, with the fresh air, and end the day with dirty hands and a refreshed spirit. I've been wishing for the cold weather to set in, but I think I might be okay if it held off for just a few more weeks.


  1. they are cute together and look like they're enjoying each others company :) Lucky the weather is still nice, here it's getting pretty cold!

  2. I love all your pictures of Noah - he is just the cutest little thing. Nashville is getting soso chilly now, though, so I'm glad you took advantage of a pretty day outside!

  3. Aww, this is so sweet! Michael is such a good dad. :) I can already see the effort that his parents put into being active and involved in raising him is having an effect on his own parenting. You guys make such a sweet family. :)

  4. How sweet! I wish I could be better about letting go when it comes to getting dirty. I'm getting there.... it's a process. Ha!