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Oct 25, 2013

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I've always had a thing for skirts. You'd think I'd be scarred by them from my private Christian school days of ankle length khaki or blue jean skirts. But nope. Even though we've had some rough patches, skirts and I will always have love. The flowy feminine ones, the sleeker sexy ones, the floral summer ones, the down-to-your-toes hippie ones- I love them all. Michael always rolls his eyes when I fawn over a dress or skirt in a store. He always says "You love skirts so much, but you never wear them". 

Darn him, he's right. As much as I try to stay up to date on fashion and look like I know what I'm doing, the truth is most days I'm in jeans and some form of a plain shirt. It's pretty obvious I'm no fashion blogger, and like another blogger recently shared, I feel super dressed up in the clothes that other women wear everyday. 

I suppose that's why I tend to shy away from skirts. I feel so dressed up and a little out of place, especially in the town we live in. But when I see someone else in a skirt, I never think "geez, what are they so dressed up for?". I need to be better about not caring what other people think and wear what I like. I dare say my closet would change if I took on that attitude. And I'd probably buy the dozen pretty skirts I try on in the dressing room instead of sadly putting them back on the rack.

What about you?
 Is there a certain look that you love but shy away from because you might feel out of place?

Today, I'm linking up with the Five on Friday gals - Natasha, Darci, April, and Christina!
Happy Weekend!  


  1. Skirt #2 please! I used to feel the same way and I wouldn't dress up to go out. I don't know what happened, but I stopped caring and started wearing the cute outfits I loved and after awhile you stop feeling "out of place" and just own it. I live near Johnson City, TN. Always nice to find another TN blogger :)

  2. I go through phases. I have a ton of skirts and during the summer I wore them constantly. And in the fall, I wear dresses constantly. My town is the same way. People are casual and simple. When I first started going to church people thought I was weird for dressing up. It's just what I want to do. Don't worry about what they think! If you're confident and own it, you look like you belong in what you're wearing.

    1. You're so right! My sister reminds me of that all the time- if I'm confident I can pull off anything. I try to keep that in mind when I'm shopping!

  3. I love skirts!! There are so many ways to keep skirts looking casual. I'm like you though, normally in jeans and a tee. My philosophy is wear whatever you feel comfortable in!

  4. I wear skirts pretty consistently so I don't necessarily feel really dressed up in them (I have some skirts that do feel very dressy). Dresses feel pretty dressy to me for unknown reasons. And heels I don't know how people wear heels every day.

  5. I like the idea of skirts but I always feel way too dressed up and out of place

  6. I love skirts, but only if they reach around my knees or longer (feel uncomfortable in anything shorter, always pulling it down, etc). So I'm almost always in jeans ;) But I do need to invest in a few nice skirts and dresses!

  7. Oh, I'm with you, I love, love skirts! I'm accused of dressing up way too much everyday, but it's been a habit of mine for years and I doubt I'm going to change at this point. I say dress however you are most comfortable and don't worry about what anyone else might think. Blessings for a beautiful week!

  8. I am a big fan of skirts, too! I like to wear skirts with leggings in the fall, but I definitely don't feel comfortable in anything at all right now. T-shirt and jeans, it is! I don't mind wearing skirts usually, though- as long as it's comfy.

  9. i do love skirts but I hardly have any. I too went to a private christian (all girls) school and wore a skirt for 4 years every single day. How do the fashion bloggers do it?!

  10. I love all of these! I am also a lover of skirts and dresses, especially in the fall and winter when I can just throw on boots and tights! (thanks for stopping by my blog by the way, I always enjoy finding fellow mom bloggers)