Sep 20, 2013

Our week long visit to Virginia has turned into a three week stay for Noah & me. Michael is working night shift out of town for the next 8 days and it didn't make sense to go with him, so I'm taking advantage of this time with our families. It's been absolutely wonderful being here and having plenty of time to enjoy the town I grew up in.

Today's Blogtember challenge is to react to the term "comfort". This week, comfort has been waking up and seeing the beautiful mountains across from my parents' home, the same mountains I woke up to as a little girl.

Comfort is driving to Michael's parents house using the same route I used hundreds of times to visit my then boyfriend, getting butterflies as I got closer.
Comfort is worshiping in church with old familiar faces, the same church where I saw God in people and not religion.
Comfort is knowing I can invade my mom's closet without permission, and borrow anything she has.
Comfort is browsing through old family pictures with the people in them, laughing at how bad our styles were and telling the stories that surround them.
Comfort is waking up in your childhood bedroom with your little boy and remembering all the times you spent in that room throughout different stages of childhood.
Comfort is realizing that home is where the heart is, and that although my childhood home has wonderful memories and wonderful people,  my heart now belongs to my new home, with my husband and son. And that is the most comfortable place of all.



  1. I love looking back through old family photos too, it gives me a feeling of comfort :-)

  2. So you wear your mom's clothes too?! I do, and it's awesome/horrible because my mother has SUCH a better wardrobe than me. The woman wears such cute stuff! How did it come to this?